When is the right time to change car?

26th February 2014

Second only to buying a house, your car is probably the largest single investment you will make.

Whether you have a passion for cars and own a much longed for dream car, or have simply chosen a reliable vehicle to get you from A to B, having the right car for your lifestyle is important. We all have different needs and expectations from our vehicles, for some of us, running costs take precedence over everything else, opting for a vehicle that offers low insurance, low road tax and that is economical on fuel. For others a vehicle’s safety record is the number one priority,or how the car looks may be the most important factor. If you have had your current car a while, or if things are starting to go wrong, you may be asking yourself when is the right time to change my car? The answer is that there is no right or wrong time. If your current car is a recent purchase, but it isn’t really working for your lifestyle, then now is the time to change it. If you have been driving the same car for years and it starts every time, requires minimal maintenance and flies through its MOT; keep it! A big factor in deciding how long to keep your car before changing it, is your approach to motoring and car maintenance. If you want hassle-free driving and few to no garage bills, then a new vehicle, that is change every three years, may be a good option. The advantage of new vehicles is that the wear and tear associated with older vehicles does not exist and there is no annual MOT to pass. For those with older vehicles that are becoming less reliable, it can be difficult to know when the cost of repairing begins to outweigh the cost of a new vehicle. If you are finding you are making very regular trips to the garage and the repairs are not the usual wear and tear such as brake pads and new tyres, it may be time to look at replacing your car for a newer model. Regular servicing, as recommended by your car’s manufacturer, may help to keep your vehicle running for longer as they can pre-empt problems, stopping them from developing into costly repairs. Whether you keep your vehicle for one year or twenty, bear in mind that with every vehicle, whatever its age, there are on-going maintenance and running costs. Asides from fuel, insurance and car tax, even new vehicles require new tyres, bulbs replacing or oil-changes from time to time. If you are looking to replace your current vehicle, whether for a new or used model, call a member of the friendly, Peter Vardy team on, 0844 482 8999. We stock vehicles from manufacturers such as BMW, Jaguar, Mini and Vauxhall and offer finance options. We are also looking to buy your car too! Submit your details here for a no obligation quote.

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