What is the 2017 Diesel Scrappage Scheme?

21st November 2017
What is the 2017 Diesel Scrappage Scheme?

Car Scrappage

Car Scrappage Scheme 2017: FAQs
We’ve heard a lot about the proposed government initiatives to reduce the number of polluting vehicles on our roads and one of the potential policies that has been the topic of much discussion in the motoring world is the diesel scrappage scheme. But what is this exactly? And what does it mean for diesel car owners?

Car scrappage schemes are nothing new to car manufacturers but the government’s plans to introduce an official scheme is now bringing them into the limelight.  

In this post, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions about what car scrappage is and the potential introduction of a government scheme in the UK.

What is a Car Scrappage Scheme?
A scrappage scheme, currently offered by various car brands in the UK, allows car owners to trade in their old car and replace it with a newer, more efficient model for a significant discount.

These schemes attempt to influence car trends and encourage drivers to switch to more environmentally-friendly cars. It works by offering car owners financial incentives for switching to a new low-emission car, in which they’d receive a discount of between £1,000 and £8,000.

How Does This Relate to the Planned Diesel Car Ban?
The government’s plan to impose a petrol and diesel car ban for all new vehicles by 2040 is a bid to encourage car owners to buy environmentally-friendly hybrid and electric vehicles.

Improving the country’s air quality and reducing carbon emissions is currently high on the government’s agenda, with environmental groups putting pressure on the UK government. The likely result of this is that local authorities will be put in charge of imposing restrictions on diesel vehicles.

Other discussions have included the diesel car scrappage scheme, as well as clean air zones, restrictions on cars entering cities and higher tax for diesel drivers.

When Will the Government’s Scrappage Scheme Go Ahead?
So far, there has been no definite date given by the government for the diesel scrappage scheme in the UK and the lengthy consultation process seems to be causing frustration in the motoring world.

The attached cost of rolling out the scheme is likely to cause much debate within the government, as well as the best strategy to target the scheme at those who might need it the most.

As a result, many leading car manufacturers have already taken the decision to introduce their own scrappage schemes, offering discounts on new models when drivers trade in old vehicles.

Which Cars are Eligible for Scrappage Schemes?
With the government’s planned scheme, also referred to as the ‘diesel scrappage scheme’, the initial proposal was to tackle the problem of diesel cars producing higher emissions. 

With the latest diesel car models failing to meet pollution limits on the road, owners of these cars were likely to be faced with additional congestion charges, extra parking fees and higher fuel tax to make up for their negative effect on the environment. Therefore, the diesel car scrappage scheme is an alternative option targeted towards diesel car drivers.



However, as already discussed, car manufacturers have introduced their own scrappage schemes and with some research you’re likely find some that also accept petrol cars.

Are Car Scrappage Schemes Good Value?
With no policies finalised yet, the government car scrappage scheme is still subject to much speculation. However, you should be aware that the scheme may only be targeted at the oldest diesel models in areas of high pollution.

If you’d prefer to opt for one of the existing car scrappage schemes, each one offered by car manufacturers is different. So it’s up to car owners themselves to put in the research into which is the most suitable deal for them - car owners can currently receive anything from £1,000 to £8,000 discount on new models, depending on the car brand and the deal.

When choosing a car scrappage scheme, you should take into account:

• Only a selected range of models from each car manufacturer will qualify.

• Scrappage discount offers aren’t always on the retail price of the car, so you can always try out your negotiation skills.

• Some scrappage schemes stipulate a minimum ownership length for the vehicle you trade in.

• Most scrappage schemes demand that the old car is a polluter, with emissions ranging from Euro 1 to 4, and registered no later than 31 December 2009.

Where Can I Find a Car Scrappage Scheme in the UK?
The best way to find the most suitable car scrappage scheme is by checking the manufacturer’s websites to see what scrappage deals are available to you.

As scrappage deals aren’t currently backed by the government, the costs are being shouldered by the car makers and this is why there are so many different approaches. For example, some don’t even stipulate that the old car must be scrapped.

This is where speaking to your local dealership could be helpful as they will be able to advise whether the deal works for you and ensure you’re not left out of pocket.


How Can I Find Out More?

If you have any more questions about British Car Scrappage Schemes in 2017, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0333 456 0505 - our advisers will be happy to help in any way they can.

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