Vauxhall Viva - A new generation

21st April 2015
Vauxhall Viva - A new generation

The Vauxhall Viva title might sound familiar to some of our older readers as it was originally launched as a small saloon in the 1960's, it sold over 1.5 million units globally before being discontinued in 1979. 

Revived 35 years later, the new 2015 model differs in all ways, aside from sharing a name. It has a similar look to that of the Adam and new style Corsa and is hoped to rival modern city cars.   What sort of models are available? There are two models available, the Viva SE and Viva SL. The SE is the standard model and comes with a high level of features such as cruise control and hill start assist as standard. Even the small things like a heated steering wheel, heated front seats and climate control are widely appealing to all ages. Over and above, the SL comes with more features including privacy glass and 15” alloy wheels plus more. There are of course optional extras available for both models including a winter pack which offers heated seats and rear parking sensors!


 What styling features will the Viva have? There are 10 exterior paint colours to choose from and a selection of alloy wheels from 14” to 16” , allowing for easy customisation. The overall styling follows the Viva's predecessors with the corporate grille front design and lines stretching rearward from the door handles previously seen on the Insignia.    What size of corporate grille front design and lines stretching rearward from the door handles previously seen on the Insignia.

 What size of engine will the Viva have? From launch, both models will only be available with 5 doors and only one engine type - a 74bhp 1 litre petrol engine combined with a five-speed manual gearbox which ensures excellent economy. Even with it's small engine its powerful enough to get you to where you need to be.


   How big is the Viva ? Vauxhall claim there is more than enough room for 5 passengers inside the 3.68m Viva, as it is 15mm longer than the new Hyundai i10, and a huge 200mm longer than the Peugeot 108!

   What safety features will the Viva come with? All models of the Viva will be equipped with traction control, ABS and six airbags. In addition there are fog-lamps with automatically activated cornering lights and lane departure warning to ensure the driver doesn't stray unexpectedly.


What can I expect from inside the Cockpit? Like its distant cousins the Adam and Corsa, the Viva is fully-connected thanks to the 'IntelliLink infotainment system', which allows seamless integration of smartphones. Power steering, AUX connections, CD player and Bluetooth also are included in the price. 


We think the Viva will be a huge hit when it lands and of course will be available at your nearest Peter Vardy dealership! Make sure you keep up to date by following us on our social media pages!  

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