Vauxhall Has Gone Electric

30th January 2020
Vauxhall Has Gone Electric

With the arrival of the first electric Corsa, Peter Vardy Vauxhall takes a look at the benefits of going electric.


Lower Running Costs

Driving the Vauxhall Corsa E can save you money with its low running costs. The Electric Corsa E will cost you 3p per mile compared to the current Corsa which is 13p per mile. You will also save on tax, as the Corsa E is 100% Electric you will benefit from £0 car tax and if you re-charge a plug in vehicle at home you’ll only pay 5% VAT on your electricity. On top of all that many local councils offer free parking for electric cars, reduced residents parking permits (Check with your local council to find out more).


Free Home Charging

Visit your nearest Peter Vardy Vauxhall to claim your free home charger and installation. The Smart Solo 7kW charger offers fast and reliable home charging plus it comes with a free 5 year warranty. To be eligible for Free home charging you must have off-street parking and not received any other grant for your electric car. You can check your eligibility by calling us on 0333 456 0505 or visiting our showroom.


Government Grants

We will do all the hard work for you! Make an appointment with our Electric advisers at one of our Vauxhall Showrooms across Scotland and we will fill in the paperwork to receive your grant. The government are offering up to £3,500 off 100% Electric cars and also offer up to £500 towards the instillation of a home charging unit.


Environmentally friendly

With no noise or fumes the Corsa E is clean drive that is better for the environment. 


The Corsa E does not compromise on Style or Spec, you can find the full range of features here

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