Typically Innovative

1st October 2013
Typically Innovative

As we're sure you're aware the latest MINI Hatch is due for release very shortly and the list new and exciting features is starting to build. Some of these are more exciting and impressive than others however and mark a dramatic change in the MINI franchise history.

Since 1959, MINI's have been unmistakable from behind the wheel for their 'go-kart' like handling. The MINI's of today however manage to combine their exemplary efficiency, contemporary comfort and exemplary safety with the agility to produce a thoroughbred version of the legend that started over 50 years ago. As the new generation of MINI's are released, with them come a new line of engines aimed at once again bridging the gap between performance and consumption. The engines are particularly significant as they are the first MINI engines to come in both three and four cylinder variations resulting in a broader spectrum of performance choices. The new engines are also setting new standards in terms of reliability and economy too. 

In addition to the new engines MINI will be introducing electronically adjustable damper valves for the very first time as well. Giving drivers a choice of ride settings for varying road surfaces. Two characteristic curves will be available for adjustment at the flip of a switch allowing drivers to change from a sporty drivetrain setting to a more comfortable mode very easily. Two seemingly small changes that but changes that keep MINI moving into the future and ahead of it's competitors. The latest MINI range are available to order today from Peter Vardy today. Visit our Website or call 0844 482 8999 for more details.

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