The Greatest Car Commercials of Recent Times...according to CarStore

15th April 2015

We're feeling a tad nostalgic today re-watching some great car adverts of recent times!  

Our jumbo LED screens show some of them, although not all - so in no particular order, here are some more of our favourites!  Let us know what ones have stuck with you or if we've missed any out... 1.  Honda 'The Cog' This innovative ad took £1m to produce, 6 months to plan, 1 week to film and 606 takes to complete the final cut!  We reckon the director had a few sleepless nights ..... 2.  Volkswagen Passat 'The Force' Spoofed on 'Star Wars' this pint-sized Darth Vadar's powers are wasted on household items until he tries them out on dad's car.  To his surprise, he makes the lights flash (no thanks to dad and the Passat's central locking of course) 3. Jaguar F-Type Coupe 'British Villains' Shot on a not so shoestring budget,  this 'Rendevous' entitled spot was first unveiled during the 2014 Super Bowl to a global audience and reportedly drove 20,000 website visits within minutes after airing.  #GoodtobeBad 4. Mercedes 'Magic Body Control' Featuring a dancing chicken with a hypnotic ability to keep a straight head whilst being moved to 'Upside Down', the ad promotes impeccable (get it?) comfort regardless of the road type being driven on.  This pulled in over 2 million views in the first 4 days! 5.  Skoda Fabia 'Made of Meaner Stuff' A flip-side of Skoda's 'made of lovely stuff' ad where they built a Fabia out of a sponge cake,  this one features a snake powered engine and the windscreen wipers being installed like a gun being built.  Not yum. 6.  Citroen C4 'Robots' Based on the concept of a break-dancing transformer, the robots choreographer previously worked with Justin Timberlake and the tagline was wittily titled 'Alive with Technology' 7.  Vauxhall Mervia & Zafira 'Little Dads' Based on 2 little boys having a conversation like their dads, this ad depicts typical adult talk about family life and how their new cars have made a difference.   The time old chat of the benefits of fold down seats.... 8.  Peugeot 405 'Take my Breath Away' An old classic!   A field suddenly bursts into flames as the 405 drives by!  We frantically question 'who is the driver and what is he driving from'?   The original daredevil. 9.  Renault Clio 'Nicole & Papa' finale The 'Papa?' 'Nicole!' exchanges were a parody of a 1966 film 'How to Steal a Million' and the finale showed Nicole running off to start a new life with Bob Mortimer in his new Renault Clio.  How times have changed... 10.  Dacia 'First Advert' This simple, no nonsense approach was designed to raise awareness of 3 Dacia cars which aimed to undercut rivals by thousands.   Ironically Dacia made their attacking debut on ITV1 during an FA cup replay match.   Have we missed out on any of your favourites? Let us know in the comments... By Laura Borland

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