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The Future Is Here

The Future Is Here

18th September 2013

The Frankfurt Motor Show heralds the arrival of the anticipated BMW i8.

The most advanced sports car ever offered for sale. Thanks to it's plug in Hybrid technology the i8 is able to offer rapid acceleration and sports performance whilst posting efficiency figures of 113mpg. The design brings together classic BMW efficiency with lightweight design. The i8 is instantly recognisable as one of the i bloodline the new generation of sports cars. The i8's structure of overlapping surfaces and body panels create an aggressive yet aerodynamic body. The dihedral doors are perhaps the cars most striking feature and when open, add intrigue to the sports car. The striking nature of the BMW i8 continues inside with a cockpit that highlights the tradition sporting nature of the car. With a low seated position the driver is thrust into a racing environment. The all digital instrument panels, create a light and powerful impression whilst emphasizing the width of the interior. Thanks to the hybrid nature and efficiency of the BMW i8 the vehicle is eligible for a handful of government tax breaks and grants including zero road fund license charge and zero congestion charge. The BMW i8 will launch in the UK in July 2014 and pre-orders will be accepted from September 2013. For more information on ordering an i8 or the current BMW range you can visit our Website here or call us on 0844 482 8999

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