The All-New MINI Hatch

19th September 2013
The All-New MINI Hatch

It's been 12 years since BMW released the new generation MINI Hatch, known simply at the time as MINI.

Countless facelifts and interior upgrades it is finally time for something completely new! The new MINI although similar to the existing car doesn't share a single body panel or component with it's predecessor. Maintaining such a strongly branded vehicle whilst also trying to create something new and innovative was surely a challenge, but we feel that it's been easily met by MINI

In true MINI style the MINI vision is the star of the show and with generous helpings of individuality and creativity the latest hatch is just as revolutionary as it great grandfather was in 1959. The latest MINI utilises gadgets such as 'Driver Experience Control' which allows the whole car's interior to transform using a variety of different lighting effects.

The exterior of the MINI combines the underlying heritage of the MINI bloodline and injects features such as newly styled bonnet curves and side skirts without loosing it's true character. The new Mini is released November 18th until then you can find out more about the new MINI Hatch or the current MINI range you can visit our Website Here or call us on 0844 482 8999          

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