Speed or Comfort?

So, you're thinking of buying a new car.

You've 'ahhh'd’ over luxury sports cars, 'hmmd’ over family wagons, and have come to the conclusion that a choice must be made- go fast or ride in comfort.

It's an unfortunate fact of life that in most cases these two essential car characteristics are mutually exclusive. The parent resigns themselves to life in the slow lane when purchasing a car with room for a buggy, and the twenty-something realises they don't have space for the weekly shop if they want a car with acceleration to make your eyes water.

However, life need not be this way.  No longer must the shopping be piled on the passenger's lap, tins conducting a mini symphony as they clatter to the floor, and neither will the kids be late for swimming lessons due to Dad's inability to overtake that cyclist. Vauxhall's Astra GTC provides all the comfort of a family vehicle, while still retaining sports styling and a 2.0i 16v Turbo engine in the VXR model.

It's not often that a manufacturer takes real life into consideration, but with this modern, practical take on a great-looking coupe, you really can't go wrong. With plenty of boot room and a comfortable, spacious interior, this car has the ability to go the distance and stay practical no matter what life throws at you. The image-conscious will love the GTC's Sports style front and rear body-colour bumpers, body coloured grille bar and rear roof spoiler. Meanwhile, those who have safety in mind can rest easy knowing that this car comes with a deactivation switch for front passenger’s front and side-impact airbags. This ensures front passenger airbags do not inflate when a child seat is fitted to the front passenger seat. The ISOFIX child seat restraint system also virtually eliminates the dangers that can result from improper installation of an ordinary child seat.

The Astra GTC is definitely worthy of consideration when the age old question of 'speed or comfort?' is asked. Vauxhall has outdone itself once again by providing consumers with the option of not choosing between these two features, both of which are essential for the contemporary person in their everyday life. After all, you deserve a car which adapts to you, not one which makes life more difficult. Visit http://www.petervardy.com/vauxhall/used-car-offers/ for the best available deals on your next brief.

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