Sales Boost for New Cars

7th October 2014

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), a whopping 72,163 new cars where registered in August alone!

In fact, since March 2012, new car sales in the UK have continued to grow, with sales well ahead the rest of Europe. So, what is driving us towards purchasing a brand new car, rather than a used model? Well, there are a number of factors, one of which is fuel efficiency. With it costing more and more to fill our tanks, not to mention the environmental impact, motorists are looking for more fuel-efficient ways to maintain their driving habits. With car technology moving at an incredible pace, each new generation of car seems more efficient than the last. This is not only great news at the fuel pump (which you will need to visit less often), but with this efficiency comes fewer emissions; great for the environment and offers savings on annual road tax. Few of us have the means to purchase a new car outright, which is why so many of us opt for car financing. With interest rates low, buyers can take advantage of great deals, many of which mean the car can be traded in at the end of three years for another new model! Another great advantage to a new car is the hassle free motoring they allow. Gone is the annual MOT (and nerve-wracking wait to see if it has passed) and any problems, asides from general wear and tear, are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. For many families, this is great news, and means motoring costs become more fixed, meaning better budgeting. With no MOT and a smooth running engine, the only time new car owners can expect a trip to the garage is for their annual service. Servicing is an important part of car ownership, not only does it help keep the car running smoothly but potential problems can be identified and dealt with before they become major issues. Also, in many cases regular servicing is a stipulation of the manufacturer’s warranty agreement. Here at Peter Vardy, we like to take the hassle out of motoring and that is why we have devised two different service plans. The plans, which cover either three or five years’ worth of servicing, spread the cost of services across the year. With prices starting at just £11.50 per month, it is an easy and convenient way to maintain your vehicle. As you would expect from a recommended dealer of leading manufacturers, including Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW and MINI, we can also arrange manufacturer service plans. Call the team on 0844 482 8999 for more details. As well as annual servicing, we offer seasonal checks such as an ‘Autumn Safety Check’. This will check your car is ready for what the changing weather has to throw at it and includes a 24 point inspection and fluid top ups if required. Of course, the cars themselves are the main reason people choose to opt for a brand new model. Car manufacturers understand that motorists want more for their money, so features that where once considered optional extras, such as alloy wheels, air conditioning and MP3 connectivity, are now becoming the standard - offering buyers even better value. With optional extras including innovations such as cruise control, new car owners are able to enhance their drive experience. Take for example the new Jaguar XF Luxury from Peter Vardy, not only does it come with three years free servicing and 4.9% APR, but the car is loaded with features including a 7” colour touch screen, keyless start and stop/ start technology (which is great for fuel economy). With a new vehicle representing a significant investment, whether new or used, and with so many us of us reliant on our vehicles, it makes sense that we should want to personalise them. Manufacturers are keen to encourage this, with many models offering a broader range of trim options and paint colours than ever before. Take for example the Vauxhall ADAM, a compact car perfect for the city, it comes with over a million trim and colour options for the ultimate in bespoke. This level of personalisation reflects just how much a part of us our cars can become, more than just a way to get from A to B; they are our freedom, independence and in some cases, a lifeline. If you are in the market for a new car then speak to the team at Peter Vardy on 0844 482 8999, for information on the latest BMW, Jaguar, Vauxhall, MINI, Land Rover and Porsche models.

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