Peter Vardys First Month in Dalgety Bay

12th May 2014
Peter Vardy Dalgety Bay is the 6th Vauxhall dealership within the company and is the youngest member of the family. An introduction to the team, a behind the scenes view of how the dealership is settling in and what our guests have to say is all below, just keep reading! We're eager to tell you about the first month here! Peter Vardy opened the doors in Dalgety Bay on Wednesday the 2nd of April 2014. The site, which was previously owned by Steve Curtis, was bought and with a few nips and tucks has turned into Peter Vardy Vauxhall. A daunting experience for both new staff members and previous Steve Curtis employees, but the transition couldn't have gone smoother! It has been all systems go since the Peter Vardy flags were pitched only 4 weeks ago.

Introducing 6 new staff members to an already existing team of 11 was an exciting prospect and hopes of all running smoothly have been more than confirmed. This month, which is only the first, the team have integrated well and the branch already has a family feel amongst it's staff as well as it's guests.

Since the opening of the branch it has been an 'all hands on deck' attitude. With a plan to have 70 cars on the Vauxhall forecourt. As well as ensuring members of staff settle in, it has also been a point of focus to settle in as part of the community as best possible, explaining a bit of history about the company and it's values to previous guests.

Despite it being Peter Vardy's first month in Dalgety Bay, there has been no time for rest and the focus is all pointing towards the future. As Peter Vardy donates 10% of all profits to charity and has its own charity set up, The Peter Vardy Foundation, the management team in Dalgety Bay are keen to get involved with local charities that are in need of a bit of help. The aim is to give back to Dalgety Bay as a way of thanking the community for the warm welcome we have received here!

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