Peter Vardy dealerships named Best To Work For

20th November 2017
Peter Vardy dealerships named Best To Work For

Five Peter Vardy dealerships have been named among the UK’s Best Dealerships To Work For in a new programme launched by Automotive Management, the UK’s leading automotive retail business publication.

They are BMW/Mini Edinburgh, CarStore Glasgow, Vauxhall Aberdeen, Vauxhall Edinburgh and Vauxhall Kirkcaldy.

More than 40 dealerships participated in the inaugural programme with 15 companies honoured as a Best Dealership To Work For. The programme surveyed more than 1,500 employees, making it the latest of its type dedicated to the car retail sector.

Best Dealerships is a celebration of elite employers in the automotive franchised dealer industry who have proven that they know what it takes to create an environment where people love to come to work. The aim of programme is to raise the bar among industry employers, creating excellence and employee engagement that will attract talented people for years to come.

The Peter Vardy dealerships were recognised for providing an outstanding workplace environment that engages its staff and allows them to flourish. They are committed to ensuring their employees are motivated and happy through a range of benefits, and promotes a positive workplace culture through:

 - Understanding that real improvement starts with a commitment from the top.
 - Defining their corporate values and living by them.
 - Hiring for team and cultural fit.
 - Evaluating productivity versus time served.
 - Embracing flexibility.
 - Hiring and promoting leaders who love what they do.
 - Placing trust and respect at the centre of all relationships.

Each Peter Vardy dealership gives all staff Sundays off and free shares in the company. They are also heavily involved in charity work and, as part of the group, run family fun days and biannual balls.

Rewards schemes include employee of the month and high flyers for the top performers. Typical rewards include trips to places such as New York, Las Vegas and Goodwood Festival.

Automotive Management partnered with Best Companies Group (BCG) to produce the 2017 Best UK Dealerships To Work For programme.

BCG, a global workplace research business which runs similar programmes in other industries, used employee and employer surveys to assess dealers’ performance in key areas such as leadership and planning, culture and communications, employee satisfaction, pay and benefits, training and development, working environment and manager relationships.

With the average national engagement standing at 42% (according to global consulting firm BlessingWhite), the 15 Best UK Dealerships to Work For achieved a staggering 92%.

AM editor-in-chief Stephen Briers said: “Employee engagement is an essential ingredient for a successful business. No company, large or small, can win over the long run without a workforce that is motivated and energised, and which understands and believes in the company’s mission. All of our Best Dealerships have achieved this.”

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