Our top five Top Gear specials!

25th February 2015

Beloved by car lovers everywhere, Top Gear is essential viewing and never more so than when the team embark on an hapless mission to drive miles, often in ill-equipped cars, across sand, ice, rocks and whatever else gets thrown their way.

To celebrate the launch of the new series, which begins 25th January, we have come up with our best-ever Top Gear specials… The Patagonia special Never far from controversy, in the latest challenge the gang had to drive 1600 miles across Patagonia in V-8 sports cars. With amazing scenery and plenty of tests, including driving across a boulder-strewn beach and crossing a river, the Christmas special took a turn for the worse when locals attacked the crew, claiming Jeremy’s Porsche’s number plate (which ended FKL), was a deliberate referral to the 1980’s Falklands conflict. The Polar special Back in 2007, the team raced to the magnetic North Pole, with May and Clarkson driving a modified Toyota Hilux over tough terrain while Hammond trekked his way via dog sled! With the real danger of ice cracking and the vehicle falling in, along with blisteringly cold temperatures, it is one not to be missed. The America special The trio had $1000 to spend on a used vehicle that was to take them from Miami to New Orleans. With various mishaps along the way, including being chased out of Alabama after painting each other’s cars with various slogans, they ended up giving away their cars. The Burma special On a mission to build a bridge over the River Kwai, the gang set forth across Burma to take in breathtaking scenery, cause plenty of mishaps and drive their already battered trucks into the ground. The Bolivia special Despite struggling even to get their cars off the delivery raft, the team eventually trekked across Bolivian rainforests to Chile. With snakes, insects and sheer cliff drops, the team faced their fears, not least of all as they drove down Death Road, notorious for accidents thanks to its narrowness and proximity to crumbling cliffs.  Whether you plan to take your car on a mammoth expedition or just on the daily commute, you need to be sure you can rely on it getting you there. If it is time for a new car, then look at the exciting range of new and used cars from Peter Vardy, including the all-new Corsa and the Land Rover Discovery Sport. For more details, call the team on 0333456 0505.

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