Online as well as on the forecourt our new team of digital professionals

1st June 2014

Peter Vardy, the car company that is always ahead of the game, has appointed a team of nine young digital professionals to ensure that the automotive retailing group is always up to speed with the latest technology.

Recognising that the online experience of car buying deserves as much attention as Peter Vardy's award-winning showroom sales journey, the company is taking on nine Digital Marketing Executives to work within its eleven dealerships across Scotland. The new appointments will give each site a distinct online personality and they further illustrate Peter Vardy's determination to remain at the forefront of digital forward thinking in an interconnected age. The digital professionals will introduce online guests to an enriched, interactive and inclusive experience, with first class photography and video about the cars of their choice, as well as tapping into all the latest trends on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Peter Vardy's Digital Marketing Manager Euan A Cameron said: "This is another ahead-of-the-curve initiative from a company which pulls out all the stops to make buying a car a great day for the most important people in the process - our guests. "Our digital professionals know that our guests want to research and investigate the best deals possible and they are geared up to make that online decision-making as interesting and as informative as they can."   New Digital Marketing Executive Rebekah Fraser at Peter Vardy's Vauxhall Dalgety Bay outlet said: "We want people to have as much information as possible, so I spend each morning checking that all our cars are perfectly advertised on and other 3rd party sites including Auto Trader. "Another part of my job is to update social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to give Peter Vardy Dalgety Bay a unique personality." Kabir Akram, the new digital professional at BMW Edinburgh, said: "My main role is to provide social media content and to help with digital strategy at a local level. I am really looking forward to seeing the company grow digitally. "A big part of my job is CitNOW video, a 360 degree walk round of a car which we can send to our guests via email. We can show specific parts of the car to give guests the input they need to make an informed decision."   Euan and his new team of Digital Marketing Executives look forward to making the Peter Vardy car buying experience even better than it is today.

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