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Movie Number Plates

Movie Number Plates

8th December 2020

Here at Peter Vardy, we thought, as the coronavirus has somewhat clamped the handbrake on our year, it was about time that we all had a little bit of fun. That’s why today we bring you a quiz on Movie Number Plates.

We’ve selected a series of number plates from the most famous cars in film and brought them together to see how many you can guess correctly.  Some are easy but some are extremely tough. If you can correctly identify all of them, we’ll be very impressed!

The plates range from films dating back to some of the all-time classics, to the car-focussed thrill rides on the big screen today. We’ve also thrown in a couple tailspins to keep you on your toes too.

When you’re ready, give the quiz a go then make sure to send it to all your friends and family to see who's the biggest movie motor buff!


Let us know how well you did and remember to share with all your friends and family too!

Thanks for playing our Movie Number Plates quiz!

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