MINI Road Trip

12th August 2016
MINI Road Trip

Who doesn’t like a road trip? Miles of open road ahead of you, front passenger playing DJ and friends in the back relaxing and sharing the sweets. Road trips create some of our most cherished memories – especially when you involve the right car.

A long drive doesn’t always have to be about the destination; it can be about the journey as well. And in the perfect car the journey can sometimes be the best part. MINI’s Countryman and new 5dr Hatchback are perfect road trip cars. You have the flexibility that 5 doors give, space similar to an SUV in the Countryman and yet you have the same beautiful styling and amazing driving dynamics that all MINI’s bring to the table. MINI’s were made for the back roads, driving along coastal roads and through the hills, stopping every so often to take pictures and stretch legs, and anyway – long motorway can cruises get boring; if there’s a fun back road leading to an exciting story, why not take it?

With the MINI 5 door Hatchback you get plenty of space inside for everyone, the same stunning drive that all MINI’s are known for as well as the added benefit of not having to slide the seat forward and get out every time a rear passenger needs a break. With the Cooper & Cooper S models you get great performance, plus get fantastic MPG at the same time with the Cooper D! Driving any of these cars provide plenty of Smiles Per Gallon so whichever one you pick, be sure it'll do an amazing job.

Although the Countryman is not as mini as the MINI Hatch, it still does as brilliant a job of soaking up the miles and spitting out smiles as its smaller cousin – all the while providing more space inside for passengers and a large boot for luggage. It's larger in size and space, but doesn’t feel like it – Countryman gives the same driving agility as it does in the Hatchback, which is a huge benefit in terms of fun driving. Why not get stuck in and adventure further with MINI All4 all wheel drive option?

If you’re looking for your next car and love road trips and driving in style, then why not consider these two magnificent MINI’s as potential candidates? They tick all the boxes. And do share your MINI road trip snaps with us! We're active across facebook, twitter and instagram. We'd love to see where MINI takes you.

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