Make the most of your city landscape

24th April 2014

Traffic jams, red lights, cyclists, pedestrians, road works, diversions and tight parking spots, city driving sure throws up a few challenges!

When driving around a busy town or city you need a car that can handle everything city driving has to throw at it. In most cases this means a vehicle that is compact, not only will this help with parking spaces but will make weaving through traffic easier also. Frequent stopping and starting can be detrimental to good fuel economy so opting for a vehicle that offers great mileage even on city roads could be great news for your wallet! Finally, you will also want a car that looks good, whether that is because it stands out amongst the city traffic or because the interior styling is upmarket and stylish. Most of all when looking for a new city car, choose a car that you enjoy driving, sitting in a traffic jam behind the wheel of a car you love may just make those unexpected hold ups bearable! Here at Peter Vardy we are the official dealer for a wide range of car makes including MINI and Vauxhall. We have picked our favourite city MINI and our favourite city Vauxhall for you to compare and decide which suits your needs best… Vauxhall’s ADAM is a compact car that is modern, funky and packed full of cool details. What’s more,with ADAM you can express yourself by personalising it through a range of versatile trim and colour options including specifying your own roof colour. Technology-wise, the ADAM features an on board infotainment system and offers Bluetooth connectivity and sat nav. Available in three models; Jam, Glam and Slam, the ADAM is an affordable choice,offering both low insurance costs and a respectable 50-55mpg for the 1.2 and 1.4 petrol engines. Of course, choosing your next city car would be too easy if we only gave you one option! So, why not consider the performance packed MINI Hatch! Agile enough to cope with sharp city driving; the a href=">MINI Hatch has been described as having a ‘go-kart’ feel on the corners, giving it an enjoyable drive experience. The look and feel is modern, yet the traditional MINI styling can still be seen. Inside, the car offers both style and substance, with well-designed driver layout and key features such as air conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity and DAB radio. With an engine designed and engineered by BMW, you can be sure performance is not a problem and the 1.2 petrol models offer a fuel economy of 61.4mpg. You can choose from three petrol options and two diesel models. Just like the ADAM, the MINI Hatch is about fun and can customised in a variety of ways, including bonnet strips, alloys and LED headlamps. If you would like to book a test drive of either of these cars, call the Peter Vardy team on, 0844 485 8999

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