Make the Most of the Sun this Summer!

2nd June 2014

The convertible conjures to mind images of Marilyn Monroe in a headscarf, balmy summer days, and unquestionable luxury.

It is the epitome of elegance and provides an understated impression of true class. It's the car that many of us wish we could own- and now you can. For many of us, convertibles are the dream car. Freedom of the open road, the wind in your hair and obligatory oversized sunnies – what could be better? Unfortunately, convertibles have long been thought to be stylish-yet-impractical. However, true to form, Vauxhall has broken the mould and delivered a car which has extensive advances in structural engineering, high tensile strength materials and dedicated rollover protection; all so that you can drive the dream with complete peace of mind. Vauxhall's Cascada offers many of the features you'd expect from a practical and comfortable saloon car, including four spacious leather seats and 380 litre boot space, which can be increased to 780 litres when the back seats are folded. A recent independent Autocar review deemed the Cascada 'distinctive, desirable [and] packed with clever engineering'. If you thought the Griffin badge would never grace a premier convertible model, think again. Aside from the attractive practical elements of the Cascada, it also features a plethora of comfort-focused attributes which compliment the sumptuous exterior. From the ergonomic sports front seats with extendable seat cushions, to dual-zone electronic Climate Control and automatic lighting control with tunnel detection and digital high beam assist, Vauxhall have worked exceptionally hard to ensure that your dream car exceeds expectations. Full specification features can be found here. Of course, one of the main detractors from most of us owning a convertible such as this is, inevitably, price. The majority of high-quality convertibles are in a price range we can only hope to aspire to, but yet again Vauxhall has surprised us with the affordability of this luxury vehicle. The only question which remains is, what's stopping you?

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