Looks or Performance?

28th April 2014

How many times have you looked at your own car in disgust when someone pulls up next to you at traffic lights driving something epic? Whether it's a custom body kit, paint job or latest special edition model that brings out the green eyed monster in you, there can be nothing more satisfying than leaving them in a cloud of dust when their fancy car's engine doesn't have the bite to match the bark.

The question of looks or performance is a tough one to answer. While it can be immensely satisfying to have pedestrians stop and point at your car for all the right reasons, it can be equally as pleasing to know that there is more to your car than meets the eye.

When shopping for a new car, it is of course important to like the look of it. After all, this is what first catches your attention. However, much like falling in love, a beautiful face merely draws the eye, whereas it's personality that captures the heart.

What's under the hood is even more important if you're planning on a long term relationship. Boredom is a cruel thing, and it's a fact of life that the novelty of skirting and spoilers will soon wear off, whereas a reliable engine purr is the gift that keeps on giving.

Sadly, style is a tricky thing. Fashions fade, and looking at a highly stylised model from a few years ago can show you just how quick the turnaround in car standards can be.

The answer to the question of 'Looks or Performance?' can be easily solved, of course. Why not have both? Regardless of your price range, there are a plethora of Peter Vardy cars which meet both of these attributes. Vehicles which are stylish but not too stylised, and powerful inside while still being practical. From your first car to a family car, there are a wide range of models we can demonstrate as being both beautiful and strong, so the only problem you'll have is too much choice. Visit http://www.petervardy.com/vauxhall/ to see for yourself.

Understated power and simple elegance are the key features when discussing this issue. After all, surprise is underrated. Leave something to the imagination with your next car, and opt for both brains and beauty.

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