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Is 2014 The Year Of The Diesel?

Is 2014 The Year Of The Diesel?

13th February 2014

While electric cars are still yet to make a significant impact, for most people the options when purchasing a new or used car is petrol or diesel. With advancements in technology, diesel is now more refined than ever before and offers high performance, especially over long distances. 

It is fuel economy that may be the reason that diesel engines become more relevant than ever before in 2014. Both petrol and diesel are produced from oil, a fossil fuel, whose reserves are becoming rapidly depleted thanks to the world’s population continuing to grow and increased industrialisation. With oil in high demand, fuel prices rise and this trend is unlikely to be reversed. For motorists who have to fill up regularly, choosing diesel may be the best option. While filling up with diesel is more expensive at the pump, it will give on average 15-20% more miles per gallon than its petrol counterpart. In addition to getting more miles from a tank, a diesel vehicle could offer lower running costs in other ways too. With lower emissions than petrol vehicles, diesels are in lower road tax bands and for some motorists this could represent significant savings. Of course, while cutting costs is important, the drive experience needs to be great also, now refined, diesel engines offer max torque at lower speeds, helping you climb the gears quicker. The high torque also means diesels are great for overtaking on the motorway. If you would like to discuss the right diesel car for you, then call a member of the Peter Vardy sales team on, 0844 482 8999. Here at Peter Vardy we stock a wide range of new and used vehicles in both petrol and diesel models from leading manufacturers such as Land Rover, Vauxhall and BMW.

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