Finding your way through the range of van options

17th November 2014

If you rely on a van for work, you will know how important choosing the right van for your business is.

When it comes to choosing, there is a lot to consider, firstly think about how your van will be used on a daily basis, will it need to carry people as well as materials? Will it be used for long or short trips? All of these factors should inform your decision, after all choosing a large, heavy-duty van for short journeys delivering small items, would result in unnecessary fuel costs. For those that require a van with plenty of boot space, that is economical to run and can carry a generous payload, the Vauxhall CORSAVAN may be a good option. With its sporty good looks it is eye-catching and internally it has been designed as a practical working space and is ideal for those making regular short journeys around towns or cities. For something a little bit bigger, there is the Vauxhall Combo, which boasts the most spacious load areas in its class! Able to carry up to 1000kg, it is perfect for heavy-duty tasks and it offers great fuel economy so can handle short and long journeys. Inside has been designed with driver comfort and practicality in mind, so you will find neat touches like a lockable glove box and electric windows. The 1.3 litre model also comes with stop/ start technology to offer even greater fuel economy. The Combo also offers drivers a lot of choice, in addition to four engine options, there is also a choice of wheelbases, height, trims and gross vehicle weights! Within any business, operating in such a way to minimise costs is essential, which is why for businesses that require a van with serious capacity and payload, the Vauxhall Vivaro may be just the thing. Benefiting from Vauxhall’s latest engine technology, the Vivaro offers more power, torque and better fuel economy than ever before. Boasting a practical design, loading up is easy and with innovative in-van technology including Bluetooth connectivity and a 7-inch colour touchscreen, the Vivaro offers a pleasurable drive. The ecoFlex model is fitted with stop/ start, a great way to conserve fuel and cut emissions and the ecoDrive mode tells the driver when to change gear, which can significantly improve fuel economy. Also within the Vauxhall range, and equally able to withstand the tough pressures of working life, is the award-winning Vauxhall Movano. Tough, practical and designed with driver comfort in mind, it is the perfect addition to any business. Adjustable seats and plenty of in-cab storage mean everyone can sit back and enjoy the ride and with wide opening back doors, access is a breeze. There are also a wide range of heights and load lengths available, depending on requirements, as well as options for front or rear-wheeled drive. With a six-speed manual gearbox as standard, the Movano engine has been designed to offer excellent fuel efficiency and performance. And again in terms of practicality, along the body is plenty of space for your business’ name to be fixed. Here at Peter Vardy, we have a wide range of new and used Vauxhall vans available and our knowledgeable staff can help guide you through the process of choosing the right van for your business. For more information call 0333 456 0505.

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