Fields of Life

24th October 2018
Fields of Life

Fields of Life is a passionate charity committed to changing lives, transforming communities and building hope by collaborating with local communities in East Africa to help make a difference. The Peter Vardy Foundation is a proud advocate of the child sponsorship programme, ensuring vulnerable children are given the opportunity to go to school and develop skills to help shape their future.


One pupil from St.Stephens Nakapinyi Primary School thanks Peter Vardy, our partners and guests for sponsoring his school,


“Before the Peter Vardy Project, I used to admire the sponsored children because they ate lunch, we did not, they had uniforms, we did not, they were given many things that we were not given”


The work Peter Vardy Foundation do with Fields of Life helps to bring about positive change to children in East Africa through quality education and helps them develop skills that will shape their future,

“I love my school more because it is very loving and caring now. I am going to work hard and become an engineer and make cars” Ruttz Kizza, Primary Six. 


Find out more about the amazing work Fields Of Life do, and discovery all the giving back work The Peter Vardy Foundation and all our dealerships partake in.



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