F-Type Dominance Autonis Design Award

18th October 2013
F-Type Dominance Autonis Design Award

The Jaguar F-Type was released in Germany back in May of this year but has not surprisingly recently been voted as the winner of the “Autonis Design Award” after the popular: “Auto Motor and Sport” magazine conducted a poll of its readers.

It was put into the convertible section in which there were eight categories; it took the top spot by securing 32% of 18,000 readers. The awards ceremony was held at Hohenheim Castle on Sept 19th 2013 and the prize was collected by Jaguar Director of Design – Ian Callum and CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, Germany.

Beauty of line & purity of form

Ian Callum made a speech during the ceremony, during which he said: "Creating the F-TYPE has given both my team and I great satisfaction. Working on a sports car that holds true to Jaguar's design values - beauty of line and purity of form - has been a great privilege, and I'm honoured the readers of Auto Motor and Sport have recognised our work with this award." The new Jaguar F-Type is a two seater convertible that s focused on performance, agility and comes complete with a V6 OR V8 engine and a twin-vortex supercharger which is equipped on all models.

The launch of this new model is going to bring a new sporting era to Jaguar helping it to maintain its unique image; once again setting it aside from many other manufacturers. With natural features that allow the F-Type to fall into any market and breeze past it's competitors. The Jaguar is not only fast but it looks it and feels it too.

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