Dear Driver,

17th July 2014

Like wallpaper or comfortable old slippers, after a while you might stop noticing me.

You've begun to acclimatise to the feel of me, and take for granted the long hours and constant service I provide. It's an easy, stress-free relationship, but one that is invaluable to the both of us. I carry you through all stages of life, whether that be your job interview, starting a family or even moving house. You'd be lost without me, and yet I get the feeling that you don't appreciate me like you used to. We used to spend time together just for the fun of it, exploring new places and getting to know one another's quirks and traits. It's a few year's later now, and I can't help but feel that some of our magic has been lost along the many miles we've travelled together. Yes, sometimes I can ask you for more than you'd like to give, but it's only to ensure that I perform to the standards you have come to expect of me. I may even have let you down on a few occasions, but I've forgiven the muddy feet, pet hair and scratches, so I hope you can overlook my shortcomings too. I might not be as young, glamorous, or exciting as some others out there, but I'm yours. Let's get to know one another again. We've come such a long way since that first day together, it'd be a shame to part through indifference. Let's go somewhere beautiful and stretch our legs. Short journeys to the shops and back don't give us the chance to enjoy one another. The open road is all we need, and I bet you'll remember why you fell in love in the first place. You might grind my gears and I might drive you mad, but when we're coasting through the countryside with the radio playing your favourite song, I guarantee you'll be smiling. When the inevitable time comes for us to part ways, let's do so on good terms, knowing that we've had the best of each other. Whether I'll be going to the big garage in the sky or finding a home on someone else's driveway, the time we've had together should give you fond memories of the places we've seen, journeys we've taken together, and the people who've shared the road with us. Don't let necessity take the pleasure out of our relationship. Life's too short for school runs and supermarket trips. With love,   Your car x  

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