Are you ready for the sun?

9th July 2015

Despite only having around 60 days of sunshine a year, according to an Auto Trader survey, the UK is the second largest buyer of convertibles in Europe!

It seems that despite (or perhaps because of), our unpredictable weather, we are a nation that likes to be prepared for when the sun strikes! In many ways, a convertible offers the best of both worlds; a practical, weatherproof car for the winter months and a luxury, cool cruiser for the summer, but what is it about convertibles that attract us so much? Well, for one thing, driving with the top down is fun! It helps us to make the most of our, often fleeting, good weather and it is great when on a scenic drive. Also, there is something undeniably luxurious about a convertible and who amongst us doesn’t enjoy a touch of luxury! If the first wave of summer sun has you considering a convertible, check out our top picks… BMW Z4 One button + 22 seconds = pure driving joy. With its sporty good looks, the Z4 is every inch a classic convertible. With a six-cylinder TwinPower turbo petrol engine, it offers great performance. There are also plenty of ways to customise the Z4 to your own specifications, including adding AdaptiveM sports suspension. Jaguar F-type The F-type is the type of convertible we probably all picture when we think of getting one; stunning to look at, high performance and designed with the driver in mind – it has it all! With two seats and sports car handling, every supercharged F-type engine ensures every journey is exhilarating! MINI Convertible With their ‘go kart’ style handling, driving a MINI is always fun and with a MINI Convertible the fun-factor keeps on going! Offering classic MINI styling, the MINI Convertible looks fantastic and is a joy to drive. What’s more, it offers plenty of safety features including stiffened bodywork with active rollover bar, a crash sensor and four airbags as standard. Vauxhall Cascada As you would expect from Vauxhall, the Cascada is a great choice for those with a family to transport. With a generous boot space and plenty of legroom in the back for two passengers, the Cascada is perfect for those looking for a year-round practical car. With an elegant interior and packed with safety and entertainment features, the Cascada is an attractive option. The soft-top roof can be raised and lowered in just 17 seconds, perfect for when the sun finally puts in an appearance! For more details on any of the cars listed or further advice on the right convertible for you, call the Peter Vardy team on 0333 456 0505

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