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A first for Jaguar

A first for Jaguar

1st September 2013

Jaguar's first ever sports crossover concept vehicle was revealed at Frankfurt motor show 2013.

The C-X17 was designed and created to introduce Jaguar's new and advanced aluminium architecture. The modular architecture creates a scalable vehicle that will allow Jaguar to grow it's portfolio of products thus targeting more easily the high-growth areas of the prestige market. The Concept model is an example of Jaguar's diversity and the possibilities of the new architecture system. Being a sports crossover, the C-X17 pushes design possibilities of this market segment by bringing together the character and experience of a sports car with the flexibility of a 4x4. All of which is pulled together with Jaguar's typicaly sleek lines, luxurious sophistication and sporting design. For more information on Jaguar's current range visit our Website or call us on 0844 482 8999. The C-X17 concept is one example of the diversity of vehicles that could be produced using the new architecture. As a sports crossover, the Jaguar C-X17 stretches the design possibilities of the segment by combining the character and driving experience of a sports car with increased presence and flexibility - all imbued with the sleek lines, sporting design and luxurious sophistication Jaguar is renowned for.

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