17 things you might not know about CarStore

16th September 2014

Everything you need to know about our used car showroom near Braehead, Glasgow...


  1. CarStore covers an area of around 70,000 square feet - roughly equivalent to the area of a football pitch...

... Or NBA legend Shaq O'Neal's luxurious Florida mansion.

2. We don't just stock used cars powered by internal combustion engines - CarStore has a variety of electric cars including an Audi R8, BMW X5, a car transporter and a golf cart (don't ask).

The kids do also get a shot of them from time to time...

3.  Many people have commitments during the day, so CarStore shares opening times with Braehead Shopping Centre - from 10am until 9pm weekdays.

4.  CarStore has not one, but two video turntable booths to create the fancy spinning videos and 360 degree view of every car featured on the website.

5. CarStore is dog friendly. Hopefully they like CarStore too.

Even the cats are friendly round here.

6.  Since opening in December, just under 4000 free cups of tea and coffee have been given to guests. Assuming they were all coffee, the amount of caffeine involved would be equivalent to roughly 38,000 bars of chocolate and would likely keep you awake from now until next Christmas.

7. The Ice Cream Van isn't just all about ice cream and hot beverages - it also serves hot and cold food made to order, from Nachos to Hot Dogs.

8. The enormous TVs mounted to the wall are exactly the same type as can be found in a modern football stadium, and each one is large enough to be used as a 2-car driveway.

9.  Are you sitting comfortably? If not, that should never be a problem at CarStore - the total number of seats within the building is 293, without even counting the many hundreds you can find inside the cars on display.

10. Every morning, all CarStore colleagues bring in opening time with a countdown at 10am sharp to get the blood flowing.

11. CarStore is home to a duo of classic Mercedes-Benz' - a 300 SE and a 190 SL.


12. So you might be intrigued by CarStore, but you haven't yet visited. Care for a preview? You can take the full Google Street View 360 degree tour and have a nosey around the full site right here.

13. CarStore has hundreds of cars in stock, but does not have the droids they're looking for.

14. You might have seen Hamish the Scottish MINI before, however the old boy is now enjoying his retirement in the CarStore care home. He is still keeping himself busy in his new role as a driving simulator, featuring real steering wheel & pedal controls.

15. You might even be lucky enough to pick up one of his offspring when collecting your new wheels.

16. CarStore celebrated car handover number 1000 back in April 2014. Much to lucky guest Lauren's surprise, she received £1000 in holiday vouchers - not a bad little bonus.

17. Finally, CarStore has even played LoveShack, being the location for a dramatic marriage proposal featuring the groom hiding inside the classic Mercedes.

(She said yes, if you were wondering)

So there we have it - there's more than meets the eye at CarStore, why not pay it a visit and find out?

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