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The Jaguar F-TYPE is a combination of both stunning design and high-powered performance. With an aerodynamic silhouette and a classic look, drivers can command the road in this modern sports car. Choose from engine options including supercharged V6s and exhilarating V8s. Meticulously crafted, the new Jaguar F-TYPE offers an unparalleled driving experience every time.

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Jaguar F-Type

P300 R-Dynamic 2dr Auto

  • 2024
  • 0 miles
  • Petrol
  • Automatic
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Available from Jaguar Aberdeen

Experience luxury with the new Jaguar F-TYPE at Peter Vardy. The epitome of automotive excellence, the F-TYPE Jaguar’s stunning design, powerful performance and advanced technology redefine the driving experience. Whether you’re looking to command the roads with a V8-powered engine or for a luxury, high-performance option, the new F-TYPE Jaguar could be for you.

Brand new Jaguar F-TYPE deals

At Peter Vardy, we have flexible finance options and deals to make purchasing new cars even more exciting. Browse our deals on the new Jaguar F TYPE below and receive a contribution of up to £1,500 on many finance options.

Why the Jaguar F-TYPE?

State-of-the-art and fully focused on sport The Jaguar F-TYPE is the most athletic design imaginable - still elegant no matter what angle you view it from. Every journey is an unforgettable experience thanks to state-of-the-art driving systems. Whenever you need to stay in touch with the outside world, Jaguar's infotainment system lets you do so.

Which Jaguar F-TYPE model?

There’s a range of F-TYPE Jaguar models to choose from, including:

  • F-TYPE Coupe R-Dynamic, The F-TYPE Couple R-Dynamic uses the standard trim as a base for sportier styling. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a model with 19-inch (P300) or 20-inch wheels (P450). This model has an automatic 2-litre petrol engine, accelerating 0-60mph in 5.9 seconds and can provide drivers with 300 horsepower on the road. Take advantage of power-assisted steering, cruise control, and lane departure warning systems. The R-Dynamic comes with a diamond-turned finish, boasting features including an R-Dynamic badge, rain-sensing windscreen wipers and a rear boot.

  • F-TYPE R 75 Coupe Plus A powerful Jaguar F-TYPE model, the R 75 has an all-wheel, automatic drive. It can reach a top speed of 186mph, with an acceleration of 0-60mph in as little as 3.5 seconds. Internally, the Jaguar F-TYPE R 75 comes with an R body kit, branded leather steering wheel and leather interior.

  • F-TYPE R 75 Convertible Plus The Jaguar F-TYPE convertible is a true sports car. With a convertible roof enhancing all-around experience and a choice of three engine types including a 300hp four-cylinder, and two V8 engine options with power outputs of 450hp and 575hp, drivers can feel the full power of this model. Inside, the F-TYPE convertible has a 10.0-inch widescreen infotainment system, and two seats with enough room for two adults, but it’s worth noting that there’s no manual gearbox.

Key Features of the Jaguar F-TYPE

The Jaguar F-TYPE gives you access to a range of luxury features, including:

  • Driver Display An intuitive driver display will allow you to view driving information, navigate and see what’s playing, right in front of your eyes. The 12.3” display visualises a full 3D map or information panel.

  • Sporty Drive Because of the cutting-edge braking system, you can confidently drive the Jaguar F-TYPE. The controlled braking system on the inside wheels boosts performance in even the tightest of turns, reducing understeer and offering dynamic agility. #

  • Breath-taking Ride The Jaguar F-TYPE is a thrilling vehicle with a V8 that provides quick acceleration and a 575PS, delivering higher performance, ideal for automobile enthusiasts. Jaguar F-Type Standard & Optional Extras Choose from top-of-the-range standard and optional extras with the new Jaguar F-TYPE, including:

  • Exhilarating performance Performance is optimised in the new Jaguar F-TYPE. An engine with four turbocharged cylinders enables quick acceleration and better engine response. The F-TYPE R, which can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in an impressive 3.5 seconds, is one of the many variations of the Jaguar F-TYPE.

  • Confidence at your feet With emergency braking that detects potential crashes and instantly brakes for the driver, safety is of the first importance in the new Jaguar F-TYPE. The advanced technology in the F-TYPE, which includes forward-facing cameras to increase comfort and security, further contributes to safety.

  • Pixel LED headlights The new F-TYPE offers a completely automatic adaptive lighting system that electronically adapts based on surroundings and time of day and features Jaguar’s most cutting-edge headlamps. The new Jaguar F-TYPE has a special feature called “J” blade indicators that send out a “J” signal to other drivers.

Why choose Peter Vardy for your Jaguar F-TYPE?

Choose Peter Vardy to make purchasing your new Jaguar F-TYPE even more exciting. We offer a range of flexible finance options and deals on the overall cost of the vehicle you choose to reduce the cost of your new luxury car.

We deliver anywhere in the UK, or you can pop into Peter Vardy Jaguar Aberdeen on Wellington Road to speak to our expert advisors, take a closer look at our cars and test drive them before you decide.

Here at Peter Vardy, we offer a stunning selection of brand-new Jaguars for you to choose from. We’re committed to delivering first-class sales and service to all our customers, so you can be assured you’re in good hands.

Jaguar F-TYPE FAQs

Yes, the Jaguar F-Type is available in both coupe and convertible configurations. The coupe variant features a fixed roof, while the convertible variant comes with a retractable soft top, allowing for open-air driving experiences.

The Jaguar F-TYPE can seat two people – while there is space in the back for luggage storage, the model can’t be upgraded to accommodate 4 seats.

The F-Type typically comes equipped with a suite of safety features, including multiple airbags, stability control, traction control, anti-lock brakes, parking sensors, and a rearview camera. Additionally, advanced driver assistance systems like lane-keeping assist and automatic emergency braking may be available depending on the trim you choose.

The Jaguar F-TYPE has driving modes including Rain/Ice/Snow, Dynamic, Dynamic Launch and Configurable Dynamic Mode. Jaguar offers a range of video guides to help you understand the capabilities of each and choose a driving mode to suit your journey.