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Peter Vardy Edinburgh MINI Service Plans

Servicing Made Simple.

When you purchase a Peter Vardy Pay Monthly Service Plan, from only £16.99 per month, you can keep your MINI service history up to date at a manageable, locked-in price. And you can rest easy knowing that we'll put the same love and attention into looking after your car as MINI did when they made it. 

The Pay Monthly Service Plan is suitable for almost all MINI models, including Electric Vehicles, and has the following benefits:  

. Transferable - If you sell your MINI, the remaining balance can be transferred to a new MINI

. Future-proof pricing - Greater peace of mind as the fixed price protects you from inflationary price rises.

. Convenience - Plans purchased through Peter vardy Edinburgh MINI are applicable to any age of vehicle.

To find out more or to purchase a service plan, call our customer service team a call on 0131 3229032.