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MINI Service Inclusive


When you take out a MINI Service Inclusive package, your service costs are covered for at least the first four years after the registration date of your vehicle*. The single upfront payment will be tailored to your MINI with personalised pricing for each model.

A Service Inclusive package will give you peace of mind that you won’t have to pay for a standard service until your MINIs fifth birthday (fourth for EV models). Not only that, your MINI will be taken care of by our specialist technicians using only Genuine MINI parts.

Also, Service Inclusive will extend MOT Protect for the life of the package. This means that should your MINI fail its first MOT test, we’ll take care of the cost of a wide variety of repairs and replacements if something needs to be done**.

What is Covered with Service Inclusive?

Petrol, Diesel and PHEV Models (Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle)

Service Inclusive covers up to your MINIs fifth birthday, or 62,000 miles, whichever is sooner*

Your plan includes:

  • Engine oil service
  • Service top-ups (Engine Oil)           
  • Service vehicle check in accordance with MINI guidelines       
  • Service air filter  
  • Service fuel filter (Diesel) 
  • Service micro filter           
  • Service spark plugs (Petrol)         
  • Service brake fluid

Electric Models

MINI Service Inclusive covers up until your MINIs fourth birthday with no mileage restriction*.

Your plan includes:

  • Service vehicle check in accordance with MINI guidelines
  • Service micro filter     
  • Service brake fluid

MINI Service Inclusive is available via Peter Vardy Edinburgh MINI and can be purchased within 12 months of your vehicle’s first registration. The period during which you may purchase Service Inclusive may change at any time.

For full terms and conditions or to purchase, call our customer team on 0131 3229032. 


*T&Cs apply. Cover applicable for Electric vehicles until four years from vehicle registration and Petrol, Diesel and PHEV vehicles until five years from vehicle registration.

** MOT Protect is valid for the vehicles first MOT only. It will cover all items with the exception of tyres, windscreen, wheels, brake pads and discs and any item that would be replaced as part of a routine servicing, modified and / or non-BMW components, failure as a result of negligence and MOT advisories. MOT Protect does not cover the cost of the MOT Inspection itself.