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Always Connected

Connecting you to your MINI with an enhanced experience

Do you remember when your next service is due? 

Downloading the MINI app means you won’t have to remember. The app is your portable connection to your vehicle and gives you control of your MINI like you’ve never had before. All with just one tap.

The app has a huge range of features:

  • You can check the status of your vehicle at any time
  • Receive alerts when your MINI is due a service
  • Preplan and upload your journeys
  • Access MINI Roadside assistance with just one tap
  • Lock / Unlock your car remotely*
  • Pre-heat or pre-cool your car**
  • Earn Rewards as you drive**

It’s amazing what you can achieve with a little MINI magic in your pocket.

Download the MINI App

The MINI app is compatible with all MINIs from the 2014 models onwards. Functionality requires ConnectedDrive Services and a compatible mobile device. 

You can download the MINI app by scanning the QR code below

Once the app has downloaded, set your dealership to Peter Vardy MINI Edinburgh and you’re all set!


* Available with certain mobile devices only

** Electric vehicles only