MINI Hatchback 5-Door Classic

MINI Hatchback 5-Door Classic

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Thrilling Drive

Experience the thrills of the Mini 5-Door Hatch inspired by the 7-speed Steptronic automatic transmission which allows for faster gear changes and greater fuel efficiency.

TwinTurbo Turbo Engines

The thrilling drive of the Mini 5-Door Hatch doesn’t stop there, the TwinPower Turbo Engines deliver a sporty aesthetic whilst packing a powerful punch.

Premium Plus Pack

With the amazing amenities included in the Premium Plus Pack, which among other things includes a comfort and navigation pack, you may further enhance your Mini 5-Door Hatch.

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  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Premium Steering

    The new Mini 5-Door Hatch features a 3-spoke sport leather steering wheel with controls that are optimally positioned for the driver and is covered in walknappa leather.

  • Connected Navigation Pack

    The Mini Connected Navigation Pack, which offers the Multifunctional Instrument Display and enables drivers to see important information, is included with the new Mini 5-Door Hatch.

  • Intelligence Assist

    The new Mini 5-Door Hatchback prioritises safety and has clever assistance to help with manoeuvring when parking.

What more could you want than a MINI with 5 doors? Perfect for city life merged with family elements, the MINI Hatch 5-Door allows for more freedom while maintaining the dynamic driving and go-kart handling. 

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MINI 5-door Hatchback

How long is a MINI 5-door Hatch?

A 5-door MINI Hatch is categorised as a small car, but is still nearly 4,000mm in length. It’s 3,982mm long, with the Cooper S and Cooper SD models adding another few 23mm for a 4,005mm length.

Do 5-door MINIs have 5 seats?

The MINI 5-door has 4 seats instead of 4. The good news is that it doesn’t sacrifice leg room or boot space for the 5th seat either, making it a versatile choice of MINI.

Can you get a 5-door MINI Cooper?

Yes, the MINI Cooper is available as a 5-door Hatch. In fact, any of the Cooper models are available as a 5-door Hatch, meaning you can benefit from additional seating, great legroom, ample boot space, and all the customisations you could want from your MINI.