MINI Hatchback 3-Door Classic

MINI Hatchback 3-Door Classic

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More For Your Money

The premium Plus Pack will enhance your Mini 3-Door Hatch. This includes numerous features like the panoramic sunroof, wireless charging, and a Harmon Kardon audio system.

A fresh-faced look

Despite being always being a presence on the road, the Mini 3-Door Hatchback has modernised and now sports a much sportier appearance.

Interior Uplift

The exterior is not the only update to the Mini 3-Door Hatch, the interior has faced several upgrades including refinements to the cockpit panel and steering wheel.

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  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Multifunctional Instrumental Display

    Included within the new Mini 3-Door Hatch is the aesthetically pleasing instrument display, positioned directly in front of the driver, providing key information about the car.

  • Steptronic Transmission

    The new Mini 3-Door Hatch's Steptronic transmission with double clutch makes shifting between gears effortless and increases comfort and fuel efficiency.

  • Ambient Lighting

    With the extensive use of ambient lighting, you can create the ideal atmosphere inside the new Mini 3-Door Hatch. Six colours are available; choose the ones that best suit your mood.

The MINI Hatch is arguably the OG city car. With go-kart handling, there’s no end to the dynamic driving of the MINI hatch. A low-centre of gravity and oodles of innovative technologies, the MINI Hatch 3-Door is the perfect car for those who want a bit of everything. 

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MINI Hatchback

What does MINI Hatch mean?

MINI Hatch refers to the model type – it means that the MINI is a hatchback. A hatchback is often a smaller car with either 2 doors and a boot with a window and hinged lid, or 4 doors and boot with a window and hinged lid. These are often sold as a “3 door” or “5 door” car, even though the final door is in fact a boot lid.

What is the difference between a MINI Hatch and a MINI Cooper?

There is no difference! The MINI Cooper is a MINI Hatch – the term MINI Hatch applies to more than just the MINI Cooper model, though.

Is a MINI Hatch a good first car?

While the price point for a MINI Hatch might be higher than other popular first cars, you can’t deny that it’s a reliable little car that’s easy to drive and park. It’s a stylish first car, too, which young drivers will appreciate.