MINI Convertible Cooper Classic

MINI Convertible Cooper Classic

Price from £345 /month
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Soft Top Roof

The famous Mini Convertible has a resurrected design that offers a sleeker, sportier open-top appeal. Embrace the elements and soak in the sun in the Mini Convertible.

Personalise Your Mini

Tailor the Mini Convertible to your own personal preference with a range of extravagant colours, optional extras and exciting packs to fully utilise the Mini package.

Performance Packs

Three performance options, each with unique advantages, are available for the Mini Convertible. With every pack, a thrilling ride and ingenious technologies are guaranteed.

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  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Modernised

    The new Mini Convertible has been modernised on the inside with subtle cockpit panel changes and updates to the steering wheel's appearance that now offers heated steering for chilly winter mornings.

  • Mini TwinPower Turbo Engines

    The Mini Convertible doesn’t just look sporty, it is sporty. Mini TwinPower Turbo Engines pack a powerful punch while using less fuel and operating more efficiently.

  • Infotainment System

    The upgraded smart entertainment system in the new Mini Convertible features an 8.8" high-resolution colour display screen that aids in route planning using intelligent navigation.

With the top down, the excitement is all the way up!

With an open-top MINI, you can truly live your best life - no matter the occasion. With the top being able to be dropped in a matter of seconds, you have the freedom to choose at the press of a button. It’s not just a convertible, it’s an experience - and it’s one you’ll cherish in your MINI.

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MINI Convertible

Is the MINI Convertible being discontinued?

Yes, brand new MINI Convertibles are no longer being manufactured. The good news is that you can still purchase a MINI Convertible from Peter Vardy, and MINI has confirmed that a brand new convertible model is in production and will be available from 2025.

Can you fit 4 people in a MINI Convertible?

Yes – there are four seats in a MINI Convertible, and though passengers in the front may be a little more comfortable than those in the back, it’s perfectly possible to fit 4 people in a MINI Convertible.

Is a MINI Convertible comfortable?

The MINI Convertible is often praised for its comfortable and sporty driving position, and there’s ample legroom for passengers sitting in the front two seats. Passengers in the back may feel a little more cramped, so if you’re planning on having four passengers you may want to plan shorter journeys.