Land Rover Range Rover

Land Rover Range Rover

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Exceptionally powerful

The new Range Rover is a dominant machine, reaching impressive speeds in seconds. With an electrically deployable towbar and several other assisting tools, the Range Rover can handle the most demanding of tasks with ease, with the ability to tow a weight of up to 3,500kg.

Endless Opportunities

Personalisation of the Range Rover can be enhanced with a choice of pack options, personalising even the smallest of exterior details. Autobiography, Shadow, and Nick Atlas exterior packs are available for Range Rover models.

Quirky Accessories

Improve your Range Rover by upgrading several interior aspects. Choose from 30 cabin colours to create a unique atmosphere tailored to your mood. Heated armrests will keep passengers relaxed, whilst the refrigerator compartment will chill drinks on warm days.

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Range Rover Features | Standard & Optional Extras

  • Passenger Entertainment

    Passengers can stay entertained on long journeys in the new Range Rover thanks to the incorporation of the multi-functional rear screens. Passengers can enjoy their favourite shows and movies and fully immerse themselves in the Range Rover experience.

  • 3D Surround Camera

    All angles of the new Range Rover are covered with the 3D surround camera. Parking and safety are optimised by the constant coverage of the vehicle and its surroundings. Manoeuvring lights brighten the ground at low speed to aid parking in the evenings or dark spaces.

  • Premium Cabin

    The new Range Rover is luxury personified. Boasting ‘Hot Stone’ massage seats and ‘Power Assisted Doors', amongst much more, to help deliver that first-class travel experience.

Range Rover

Agility and increased handling allow for powerful manoeuvring capabilities in Range Rover Short WheelBase. Steeper inclines are no match for these vehicles, with a maximum ramp angle of 28.2 degrees. Tricky roads are no longer worrisome - instead, you can focus on the journey ahead. 

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Range Rover FAQs

What does SWB mean on Range Rover?

SWB stands for Short Wheelbase – but what is a short wheelbase? SWB cars are typically easier to manoeuvre. The wheelbase affects a vehicle’s turning circle (or turning radius) and how sharply the vehicle can turn. Vehicles with a short wheelbase can turn more sharply, thereby turning corners faster. This makes the Range Rover feel sportier to drive.

What is the turning circle of a new Range Rover SWB?

The Range Rover 2021 SWB has a turning radius of 10.95m making it easily manoeuvrable for a vehicle of its size.

What is the difference between SWB and LWB?

SWB (Short Wheelbase) and LWB (Large Wheelbase) are different sizes. An LWB model will have a wheelbase extension which makes the ride quality smoother as there’s more room for the suspension systems to absorb shock from the road. However, SWB models will have a smaller turning circle and therefore be easier to manoeuvre.

What does LWB mean on Range Rover?

LWB stands for Large Wheelbase – but what is a large wheelbase? LWB typically offer a much smoother drive, making them a great choice if you’re frequently undertaking longer journeys involving motorway driving. A larger wheelbase means there’s more room between the axles, making it easier for the suspension system to absorb shock from the road.

How much longer is LWB Range Rover?

The wheelbase on the LWB Range Rover is larger than that on the SWB model – to be specific, the wheelbase on the LWB version is 7.5 inches longer than the SWB. The SWB is 115 inches while the LWB is 122.5 inches.