Land Rover Discovery Sport

Land Rover Discovery Sport

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Configurable Dynamics

The majority of functions in the Land Rover Discovery Sport can be controlled via the Pivi touchscreen. Suspension and steering are two options which can be adjusted to individual preference.

Interior Options

Improve your Land Rover Discovery Sport with a whole host of optional extras. Pick from a range of interior packs to best suit your lifestyle. Land Rover accessories and pet packs are also available to style your Discovery Sport.

Versatile Cabin

Intelligent storage compartments and slide and recline functionality in seats help improve cabin space and storage. The Discovery Sport has cleverly placed storage solutions placed throughout the cabin, optimising cabin space.

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  • Exterior
  • Interior

Land Rover Discovery Sport Features | Standard & Optional Extras

  • Selectable Dynamics

    Characteristics can be adjusted on the Pivi Pro touchscreen to suit your personal preferences. Steering, suspension, and driving modes are only a few of the features that can be changed on the touchscreen of the new Land Rover Discovery Sport.

  • Wireless Charging

    Forget the hassle of wires in the new Land Rover Discovery Sport and charge your phone hands-free on the charging platforms integrated into the vehicle. Signal will be improved off-road as your phone will use the Discovery Sports antenna to create a clearer signal.

  • Sound System

    The new Land Rover Discovery Sport provides an industry-leading Meridian Sound System. Passengers can enjoy their favourite music and podcasts through 14 perfectly positioned speakers, offering an uninterrupted, crystal-clear sound experience.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

The Land Rover Discovery Sport knows what you want and is built for any challenge. Thriving off and on-road, the Discovery Sport enables peak performance, even under the toughest constraints. Whether you prefer it as a family vehicle, or an off-road menace - the Discovery Sport allows you to tow, drive and dream. 

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Land Rover Discovery Sport FAQs

How to drive a Land Rover Discovery Sport in snow

Thanks to Snow Mode, a specialised cold weather driving option found on Land Rover vehicles, drivers can feel safer and more comfortable behind the wheel in adverse weather conditions.

Once selected from the Terrain Response menu, your Land Rover Discovery will automatically assess gradient, slip and yaw, temperature and pressure. It will then adjust traction accordingly to provide the best grip and security on slippery roads.

Of course, drivers are also recommended to carry out their usual winter driving checks, such as checking your tyres, ensuring snow isn’t obscuring your view and keeping your vehicle well maintained.

Is a Land Rover Discovery Sport bulletproof?

The Land Rover Discovery is not bulletproof as standard. However, enhancements can be made to make the vehicles bulletproof should it be required.

How many seats in a Land Rover Discovery Sport?

The Land Rover Discovery Sport officially has 5+2 seats. This means the car has five fixed, full-size seats, along with two optional seats in the back. With the two seats in use, the car can carry seven people, including the driver.

The optional rear seats are great for children or teenagers, or adults during shorter journeys. They can be folded down when not in use to maximise carrying capacity.