Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover Discovery

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Effortless Driving

All-wheel drive is standard throughout the Land Rover Discovery, ensuring a comfortable drive on any road. Terrain Response 2 analyses the conditions of the road and adapts to pick the optimal terrain program, providing drivers with the most appropriate levels of comfort.

Configurable Seating

With seven large seats and several ways to configure them, space can be created for specific occasions. Automatic intelligent seat folding from the Pivi Pro touchscreen reduces the previously manual task. To provide a sense of comfort, charging ports are located at each seat.

Safety First

The land rover discovery places a large focus on safety, featuring 5 isofix points and 8 airbags. Auto access height allows the vehicle to lower itself, meaning even the smallest of passengers can get out safely. The Discovery received a 5-star Euro NCAP rating thanks to similar innovative technology.

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  • Exterior
  • Interior

Land Rover Discovery Features | Standard & Optional Extras

  • Intuitive Technology

    Live traffic information and all-intelligent navigation ensure drivers of the new Land Rover Discovery can plan journeys ahead and always be in control. This information is projected on the 11.4’ Pivi Pro touch screen, Land Rover’s most advanced infotainment system to date.

  • Spacious Interior

    The new Land Rover Discovery takes versatility to the next level. It boasts seven spacious seats and an abundance of cleverly positioned compartments, ensuring there is enough room for everyone. Charging points for every passenger add a personal touch to each seat.

  • Premium Interior

    A wide selection of premium interiors awaits you in the new Land Rover Discovery. Pick from a range of options and find the interior best suited to your lifestyle and comfort needs.

Land Rover Discovery

With 7 seats and clever storage solutions allowing for full flexibility, there is enough space for everyone. There is nothing quite like driving a Land Rover Discovery, a premium, multipurpose SUV. It's a car that can go anywhere, anytime, and on any surface. 

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How much does a Land Rover Discovery weigh?

According to the vehicle’s official figures, the Land Rover Discovery has a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 3,260kg.

How long does a Land Rover Discovery last?

The excellent build quality and Land Rover’s high standards of manufacturing mean you can expect your Land Rover Discovery to last many years.

Typically, the Land Rover Discovery should last between 150,000 and 200,000 miles, providing it is well maintained. Depending on your annual mileage, you could enjoy over 10 years before issues or expensive repairs start to arise.

Is the Evoque or Discovery bigger?

The Land Rover Discovery is larger than the Range Rover Evoque across the width, length and height. The Evoque has a smaller turning circle as a result, although both vehicles have the same wading depths and obstacle clearance capabilities.