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Land Rover Defender

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The toughest and strongest vehicle that Land Rover has created is the Defender. Put through rigorous testing in almost every terrain, the Defender excels and triumphs every time and is seriously durable.

Clever Technology

The Defender 90 is a capable vehicle, able to handle itself in almost any terrain. One feature responsible for the capability of the Defender 90 is terrain response 2. It chooses the most suitable terrain mode after analysing the driving conditions. The Defender has a host of advanced technology to improve driving.

Limitless Possibilities

No Land Rover Defender is complete without an accessory pack. Pick from four packs to add the most value to your lifestyle and preferences. Each pack has been carefully designed to add value and improve the driving experience in difficult terrain.

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Land Rover Defender Features | Standard & Optional Extras

  • Remote

    Download the remote app to fully connect to the new Land Rover Defender. Compatible with smartwatches and phones, the remote app allows you to control aspects of your Defender from a distance.

  • Head-Up Display

    Safety is paramount in the new Land Rover Defender, aided by the addition of the interactive head-up display. Essential information is projected on the windscreen, allowing drivers to stay fixated on the road ahead whilst being informed of key information.

  • ClearSight Ground View

    Perfect for difficult terrain, the ClearSight Ground View provides you with previously unseen visibility. Land Rover Defender 90: Drivers can feel confident with the camera situated on the front underside of the new Land Rover Defender 90, easing their ability to manoeuvre in any terrain.

Land Rover Defender 90

The Land Rover Defender 90 thrives on its perfect practicality. Flexibility is paramount - with an ever changing interior, able to adjust to a configuration of six seats. Connectivity merges with the Defender’s durable core, allowing for better driving and fast-paced technology to accompany you on your journey - wherever the excitement takes you.

Land Rover Defender 110

The perfect mix of design and durability, the Land Rover Defender 110 offers the option of an additional third row of seats. Striking looks and off-road appeal, the Defender is ideal for those who live life on the edge. Dirt tracks are the norm for the Defender - capable of incredible performance on all terrains. 

Land Rover Defender 130

Instantly recognisable, now with even more space for adventure. The Land Rover Defender 130 is an 8-seater, offering your passengers the thrill of the Defender journey with unrivalled comfort.

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What is the weight of a Land Rover Defender 90?

According to the vehicle’s official figures, the Land Rover Defender 90 has a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 2,970kg.

What does 90 mean on Defender?

In 1983, Land Rover created the Land Rover One Ten, followed by the Land Rover Ninety in 1984. The names were chosen based on the size of the wheelbases in inches.

In 1989, upon releasing the Land Rover Discovery, the 1991 One Ten and Ninety models were renamed Defender 110 and Defender 90.

Where is the battery on a Land Rover Defender 90?

The battery on a 90 Land Rover Defender can be found under the driver’s seat. You will need to slide the seat forward to access it, should you need to.

How heavy is a Land Rover Defender 110?

According to the vehicle’s official figures, the Land Rover Defender 110 has a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 3,200kg with 5 seats. With the 5+2 seat configuration, the vehicle weight increases to 3,280kg.

Does the Defender 110 have a 3rd row?

The 110 Land Rover Defender has an optional third row of seats, creating a 5+2 configuration. The third row houses two seats which can be folded down when not in use to create additional storage space.

Although smaller than the fixed seats, the third-row seats are great for older children and teens, or adults during short journeys.

How long is a Land Rover Defender 110?

The Land Rover Defender 110 measures 4,323mm without the spare wheel, and 4,583mm with the spare wheel.