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No one knows your Jaguar like we do

The only people that know your Jaguar better than you do are our expert technicians. They know every curve, angle, nut and bolt and so who better to keep your vehicle performing at its best, ensuring you always have the optimum driving experience?

What is an MOT and Why do I Need One?

An MOT check (or MOT) is an in-depth examination of your car performed at regular intervals.

To avoid any potential unseen issues and keep your Jaguar running as smoothly as possible you’ll need to bring your vehicle in for an MOT once a year (if you own a new Jaguar, you should book in at the end of the first three years for your first MOT). Your MOT will be undertaken by specialised Jaguar-trained technicians with state of the art workshops and diagnostic equipment to give your vehicle the most thorough inspection possible.

A standard MOT inspection checks over 150 safety and emissions related systems on your Jaguar, including the lights, steering, brakes and suspension. This not only ensures your vehicle meets legal requirements but ensures you’ll always have the ultimate driving experience.

Does my MOT have to be done by Peter Vardy Jaguar?  

Not at all. There's no requirement for you to bring your car to any Jaguar dealership to have an MOT.

No one knows your Jaguar and will be able to look after it quite like we will though. Our specialist technicians have state of the art workshops and diagnostic equipment and will only use Genuine Jaguar parts for any repairs, ensuring the integrity of your vehicle is maintained.

To book your Jaguar in for an MOT, please call one of our Customer Services Team on 01224 002857 or enquire online here.

0% Finance Available with Jaguar Flex Pay  

You can spread the cost of servicing, maintenance, repairs and accessories across 9 months (up to the value of £5,000) with our interest-free Flex Pay payment option.

To find out more, click here.

Just one more reason to know that wherever your journey takes you, you’re prepared.


To enquire about Flex Pay please call our Customer Services Team on 01224 002857 or enquire online here.