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Jaguar Seasonal Health Check

Whether you’re strapping your kayak to the roof and heading for summer waters or taking the family on a winter road trip, it would be comforting to know that your Jaguar is good to go when you are.

A Vehicle Health Check by our team of technicians, for just £39.99, will give you peace of mind that your Jaguar is performing at its best and is ready whatever the season.


My car feels fine, why do I need a Vehicle Health Check?

Whether it’s escaping for days out or heading off on holiday, we’re using our cars much more and that means we should be checking that they’re ready to handle the miles. Driving in different seasons can have different effects on your car causing potentially unseen issues that can lead to costly repairs if not taken care of in a timely manner.

Warmer weather can alter the temperature and effectiveness of your tyres. The heat can also cause your battery fluid to evaporate, affecting it’s performance and a lack of engine coolant can cause your car to overheat.

Colder weather can affect the performance of your brakes on wet slippy roads if they aren’t in good condition. Grit and salt on the roads can cause corrosion to mechanical elements on the underside of your vehicle, for example the suspension, if left unchecked as well.

These are just a few examples of why a vehicle health check is so important for your Jaguar.


What’s included in our Vehicle Health Check?

Our expert technicians will examine your Jaguar thoroughly, checking all the major safety features as well as closely examining the following:

Wheels & Tyres: Tread depth check, inspection of the general condition and we’ll adjust the tyre pressures if needed.

Suspension: Your Jaguar will have a visual inspection of all the suspension components.

Brake Pads & Discs: We’ll visually inspect your brakes and discs for any issues and we’ll also assess the wear and tear.

Steering: We’ll carry out a visual check of all the steering components.

Coolant and Fluid Levels: We’ll check the levels of all your Jaguars vital fluids, including a free screen wash top up.

Lights: The functionally will be checked

Battery: We’ll check the charge level.

What happens Now?

We’ll provide you with a report on your Jaguar and hopefully it’ll get a clean bill of health. If we find anything that needs attention, your Service Advisor will give you a plan of action to remedy any issues. If any remedial work is found to be necessary, we will only ever use Genuine Jaguar parts to maintain the integrity of your vehicle.


To find out more or to book your car in, call our customer team on 01224 002857 or enquire online here.

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Just one more reason to know that wherever your journey takes you, you’re prepared.


To enquire about Flex Pay please call our Customer Services Team on 01224 002857 or enquire online here.