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Help spread the cost of owning and running your Jaguar with our Flex Pay 0% finance solution.

Your Jaguar is a meticulously designed and crafted machine, capable of delivering a luxurious and pulse-racing driving experience.

To keep your Jaguar performing at its peak, servicing and maintaining it regularly throughout it’s life will be required. You may also want to enhance your Jaguar with some of our expertly engineered accessories that match your lifestyle.

Flex Pay is our 0% interest finance solution that can help spread the cost of many aspects of maintaining and upgrading your Jaguar *

Flex Pay can be used for:


When you bring your vehicle back to Peter Vardy Jaguar for regular servicing, we want you to be able to sit back, relax and think about more important things - like where your next adventure will take you. 


Following an MOT inspection, any required updates to your Jaguar can be financed using Flex Pay.


If your Jaguar requires any bodywork or alloy wheel repairs, the 0% finance solution offered by Flex Pay will ensure you get back on the road quickly and easily.

Approved Tyres

We have a large selection of approved tyres for all Jaguar models that can be purchased and fitted using our 0% finance solution.


To enhance your Jaguar so it aligns even more closely with your lifestyle and personality, Flex Pay allows you to choose from a wide range of interior and exterior accessories. 

Health Check Updates

To ensure your vehicle is ready for any season, bring it back to us at Peter Vardy Jaguar for a seasonal health check for only £39.99. The cost of any recommendations identified can be spread into convenient payments over 9 months*


For more information on Flex Pay or to book your Jaguar in with us, please speak to one of our Customer Services Team on 01224 002857 or enquire online here (add link to Contact Us | Find Your Nearest Peter Vardy Dealership | Peter Vardy)



*Payments can be spread over 9 months (up to the value of £5000). Subject to acceptance.