Jaguar XE

Jaguar XE

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The Jaguar XE has excellent handling and is incredibly fuel-efficient. The new XE can earn up to 58.9 MPG, making it ideal for longer trips.

No Keys required

An innovative feature on the Jaguar XE is keyless entry, which enables you to lock and unlock the vehicle without touching the key. When a nearby fob is detected, the car will immediately unlock, perfect for when your hands are full.


The Jaguar XE prioritises safety, scoring a five-star Euro NCAP rating. Clever interior and exterior features also aid in the safety of the XE. Emergency braking and lane-keep assist are two features that highlight the safety of the XE.

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  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Performance

    Famed for its dynamic handling, the new Jaguar XE is no different. Advanced driving technologies along with steady handling provides a thrilling driving experience.

  • Technology

    The brand new XE is synonymous with the Jaguar brand. The Jaguar XE is instantly recognisable, has a distinctive appearance, and is equipped with amazing technology. The Pivi Pro Infotainment System and wireless device charging are two examples of the Jaguar XE's technical features.

  • Cabin Interior

    With the brand-new Jaguar XE, you can adjust the luxurious inside lighting to set the perfect mood. Lighting for any mood is produced by using a variety of colours.

The XE is a balanced blend of sculpture and luxury.

Sculpted body contours, lower profile and luxurious interior perfectly captures the Jaguar XE's stylish spirit. The XE's impressive drive systems, dynamic handling and a range of intelligent infotainment features ensures that this model is continuously considered as one of the best executive saloons to date

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Questions about buying a Jaguar?

What is the difference between Jaguar XE and XF?

Size is the key difference between the Jaguar XE and XF models. The Jaguar XE is more compact and is designed to pack sports car-level performance into a smaller model. By comparison, the Jaguar XF is larger and contains a few more luxury features.

What does XE mean on a Jaguar?

While it doesn’t appear that XE stands for anything, it denotes that the model is the more compact car. Don’t be fooled by the smaller size, the performance is award-winning.

How long is a Jaguar XE?

XE might be the smaller model, but that doesn’t mean it’s a ‘small car’. The Jaguar XE is 4,691mm (15.39ft) in length. It’s 1,850mm (6.07ft) wide and 1,416mm (4.65ft) tall with a wheelbase of 2,835mm (9.3ft).