Jaguar E-PACE

Jaguar E-PACE

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Storage In Abundance

The interior of the Jaguar E-PACE is spacious and full of strategically placed storage areas. The capacious boot of the Jaguar E-PACE, which is ideal for family vacations, can accommodate multiple suitcases and similar items.

All Wheel Drive

With all-wheel drive, the Jaguar E-PACE has a remarkable capacity to maintain control under any circumstances. Power is distributed evenly throughout the wheels to provide the driver with more control.

Premium Materials

Choose from a variety of environmentally friendly materials to style out the new Jaguar E-PACE. To accommodate individual tastes, a variety of colours are offered.

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  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Innovative Technology

    The new Jaguar E-PACE, equipped with the most cutting-edge technology, can be operated by the Jaguar app, allowing users to pre-set cabin temperatures, check fuel levels, and use navigation. Drivers and passengers can be ready for their days ahead and long drives with the help of wireless device charging and a signal booster.

  • Sound System

    The brand-new Jaguar E-PACE takes music seriously. The cabin is equipped with numerous Meridian speakers that have been placed in strategic locations. Both drivers and passengers can enjoy crystal-clear clarity while listening to their favourite songs, podcasts, and radio stations.

  • Safety

    Jaguar places a high priority on safety, and the brand-new E-PACE is by no means an exception. providing elements that are both optional and standard to help in navigating tight parking spaces Numerous tools, including the 360-degree surround camera and traffic detection, are available to help with parking.

The E-PACE is an unmistakable take on the Compact SUV.

The Jaguar E-PACE combines striking looks, agility, and dynamic handling in an exceptional way to provide an unforgettable driving experience. With class-leading accommodations and a driver-focused cockpit at the heart of a family-focused interior, Jaguar E-PACE takes the rewarding Jaguar driving experience and enhances it with everyday practicality.

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Questions about buying a Jaguar?

Is the Jaguar E-PACE fully electric?

The Jaguar E-PACE is available as a Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle (PHEV) – this means that it’s capable of running completely on electricity, but that once the battery runs out, the standard internal combustion engine will take over to ensure you finish your journey.

What is the range of a Jaguar E-PACE (PHEV)?

The Jaguar E-PACE (PHEV) can travel up to 39 miles (62km). While it’s not a fully electric car, being a PHEV means it’s more than capable of completing a fully-electric journey. The benefit here is that there’s no range anxiety – once the 39 miles are up, it will switch to the fuel engine so you can complete your journey until there’s time to recharge.

Which is bigger, Jaguar F-PACE or E-PACE?

The Jaguar E-PACE is a smaller vehicle. The F-PACE is a bulkier, heavier car but still offers a sporty driving experience. With its smaller frame, the E-PACE offers all the luxury fixtures and fittings you would typically expect from a Jaguar.