Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of supplying vehicles to a number of high profile clients with excellent feedback. Read a few of our client testimonials below.

I had been, casually, looking for a Jaguar E Type for a couple of years. Always wanted to own one. I had to be a soft top, right hand drive, not the plus 2 and either Red or Black. I was not keen to travel down South to view prospective purchases. I was quite prepared to wait till one came along locally.

One of my periodic searches came up with one in Hillington, not too far away and it ticked all the correct boxes.

I mentioned to my Sister that I would probably take a drive over and look at the car. My Sister and her better half, Brian, are members of the 'Jaguar Enthusiasts Club'. They own a Jaguar Mark 5 and a Jaguar Mark 9. I phoned the Peter Vardy sales team and was called back by Craig Lamont. Before I knew what was happening my Sister had arranged for a fellow member of the JEC, Ron, who lives near Hillington to go and view the car. I spoke with Craig Lamont and Craig arranged for the car to be on a ramp when Ron was coming to view the vehicle.

Ron has owned several Jaguar cars and after give the E Type the all clear sent me a detailed report in its condition. All looking good.

My drive over to Glasgow was educational. Being a country Yokel, the amount of traffic and the general mayhem came as quite a shock.

It was a relief to meet up with Craig and get a nice cup of tea. Everyone in the building was cheery and keen to help. A good start.

After viewing the car, meeting with Andy and some to and fro regarding the 'deal' I headed back to Fife to mull over whether to purchase or not. Decided to go ahead.

Craig was honest from the very start in saying although he had been selling cars for sometime, he was new to the Heritage side of sales and was keen to learn all he could. He mentioned he did learn a lot from Ron when he came to view the car. Anything you can do to promote the 'Jaguar Enthusiasts Club' would, I am sure, be of benefit to both the dealership and the club.

So the deal was done in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere and I was guided through the sales and paperwork process without any hitches or loose ends. I would not have ended up with the car if it had not been so close to home. I wish the Heritage section of the dealership all the best with their sales.

Now it is time to experience the E Type ownership, the good and the bad.