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How to charge the ORA 03 PURE+

If you’ve never owned an electric vehicle before, we understand that making the switch to an may seem a bit daunting. However, our fully trained electric car specialists are here to help guide you through any questions you may have. We’ve put together this really handy guide that explains all the different ways that you can charge your ORA 03 to help make everything clear and simple.

Publicly, on the street

Publicly, on the street Block Image 1

Publicly, at a rapid charger

Publicly, at a rapid charger Block Image 2

Privately, at home

Privately, at home Block Image 3

How does charging actually work?

The ORA 03 (formerly known as the ORA Funky Cat) comes with a combined charging system (CSS). Which means, one socket for all three ways of charging.
Image With Panel

Split into two sections, the top section of the CCS socket is for charging at home or on the street, the bottom section is for rapid charging of the vehicle using a DC current.

Connect your cable to the charger and your ORA 03 to begin your charge using the GWM ORA app to keep an eye on your charge level. You can also check from inside the vehicle using the dashboard and infotainment system.

How long does charging take?

The time it takes to charge up your ORA 03 will vary depending on the type of charger you have access to from home charging to public rapid charging.

Charging at home

15 to 80% charge – 5 hours 24 minutes

You’ll no doubt charge your ORA 03 the most when you’re at home and you can do that with a normal domestic home charger. Normally, these range from 3kW – 7kW charge capacity and they take around 5hrs 24 minutes to get a charge between 15% - 80%.

On-Street Charging

15 to 80% charge – 3 hours 12 minutes

When you’re not at home and you need to charge your ORA 03 you’ll be to use ‘on-street’ charging points which are readily available. The charge capacity of these points are usually range from 11kW – 22kW. To get a charge of between 15% - 80% for your ORA 03 this could take around 3hr 12 mins. However, if you only need a quick top up you’ll be to get about 50 miles with 1 hour of charging.

Rapid Charging

15 to 80% charge – 42 minutes

Rapid charging is ideal if you’re on a longer journey and you need a quick charge. The charging capacity of a rapid charger ranges from 50kW – 350kW which means that if you use a 100kW rapid charger your ORA 03 can get a charge of 15% - 80% in only 42 minutes.

How to maximise your ORA charge?

To make the most of the charge on your ORA car, follow the below tips:
  1. Maintain your charge - try to charge up regularly as this helps improve the battery health and its lifespan
  2. Avoid rapid charging - if you don’t need to charge up quickly, opt for slow charging to improve the battery health
  3. Maintain your car - ensuring your car is properly maintained and free from unnecessary weight like pumping up your tyres
  4. Reduce the accessory use - cutting the use of the air-con and heated seats will give you the most out of your battery
  5. Avoid extreme cold and heat - on average, the best temperature to drive in is around 21 to 22 degrees. When possible, avoid driving in cold and hot weather
  6. Avoid erratic driving - don’t brake at the last minute and accelerate too quickly - drive as smoothly as possible for the best results
  7. Set the climate - whilst charging up your ORA 03, set your climate to make the most of the charge

Some are harder than others like driving at the optimum temperatures as you need to drive when you need to drive but making an effort when you can will help maximise your charge.

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