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How to charge the ORA Funky Cat First Edition

If you’ve never owned and electric vehicle before we understand that making the switch to an electric vehicle may seem a bit daunting. However, our fully trained Electric Vehicle specialists are here to help guide you through any questions you may have and we’ve put together this really handy guide which explains all the different ways that you can charge the ORA Funky Cat. With the ORA Funky Cat there are three easy ways to charge which are:

Publicly, on the street

Publicly, on the street Block Image 1

Publicly, at a rapid charger

Publicly, at a rapid charger Block Image 2

Privately, at home

Privately, at home Block Image 3

How does charging actually work?

The ORA Funky Cat comes with a combined charging system (CSS). Which basically means, one socket for all three ways of charging.
Image With Panel

Split into two sections, the top section of the CCS socket is for charging at home or on the street on an AC current.

The bottom section of the CCS is for rapid charging the vehicle using a DC current.

How long does charging take?

Charging at home

15 – 80% charge – 5 hours 24 minutes

You’ll no doubt charge your ORA Funky Cat the most when you’re at home and you can do that with a normal domestic home charger. Normally, these range from 3kW – 7kW charge capacity and they take around 5hr 24 minutes to get a charge between 15% - 80%.

On-Street Charging

15 – 80% charge –3 hours 12 minutes

When you’re not at home and you need to charge your ORA Funky Cat you’ll be to use ‘on-street’ charging points which are readily available. The charge capacity of these points are usually range from 11kW – 22kW. To get a charge of between 15% - 80% for your ORA Funky Car this could take around 3hr 12 mins. However, if you only need a quick top up you’ll be to get about 50 miles with 1 hour of charging.

Rapid Charging

15 – 80% charge –42 minutes

Rapid charging is ideal if you’re on a longer journey and you need a quick charge. The charging capacity of a rapid charger ranges from 50kW – 350kW which means that if you use a 100kW rapid charger your ORA Funky Cat can get a charge of 15% - 80% in only 42 minutes.

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