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Type of Electric Chargers Available

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What electric chargers are required?

In terms of types of chargers you can either charge at home via the standard 3 pin plug which is  supplied with most vehicles or by using an installed home charger which would generally sit on the outside wall of your building.

There are two main types of outside home chargers - Tethered and Untethered Units which can be fitted to your building as well as being found at other premises. Universal sockets connect with all EV cars but are un-tethered and will require you to bring and use your own charge connector. Typically Fast Chargers are tethered with multiple connector sockets available. Fast Chargers are usually found in public spaces, shopping centres and workplaces. Rapid Chargers however are tethered with a few different cables and are found on most motorway service stations.

In terms of the charge speed

Slow Charging (home 3pin socket): 6-12 hours

Fast Charging (home outside charger): 3-4 Hours

Rapid Charging (service stations etc): 30 mins