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Ownership Costs

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Low Ownership Costs 

Did you know you can charge a fully electric car at home from as little as £5?

Charging your EV at home is the most convenient and cost-effective way to keep your car fully charged. If you have access to off-street parking, a home charge point is highly recommended when buying an electric car, as this acts as your personal day-to-day “fuelling” station. Why drive to a fuel station again when you can just top up your car from the comfort of your home?



In the same way you would charge your mobile phone overnight, an electric car can be charged while you sleep too. This means you wake up every morning to a fully charged car and peace of mind for your journey ahead. It’s also a fraction of the cost compared to paying for fuel. For a mid-sized fully electric car to charge overnight at home costs around £9 for a full charge and this would give you around 250 miles of range. The equivalent mileage in a petrol or diesel vehicle will cost around £33. In essence, you would save roughly £24 for every 250 miles you drive when switching to a fully electric car.

In addition to the cheaper costs to “fuel” an EV, there are also lower maintenance costs associated with running an electric car. 

 In comparison to the hundreds of movable components in an internal combustion engine, the electric motor in an EV is made up of fewer parts. This means there the risk of a fault occurring is reduced, and in turn, it keeps the ongoing maintenance costs to a minimum.