Dashcam Confessions

Dashcam Confessions


Dashcam Nation: Why Brits Are Turning to In-Car Cameras

Us Brits really value our privacy. Except, it would seem, when we are in our cars. These days, many of us are driving around with a camera recording our every turn and lane change.

In fact, it is estimated that there are already a whopping 840,000 dashcams installed in UK cars, and the market is growing fast. Some retailers have even seen dashcam sales surge by 104 per cent in the last 12 months.

What does this all add up to? Well, it suggests that we really are a dashcam nation. To find out more about the phenomenon, the team here at Peter Vardy launched a nationwide survey.

What Do We Think of Dashcams?


The big news from our survey is the discovery that most Brits (73%) believe dashcams to be useful. With this generally positive perception, it is almost certain that the dashcam market will only continue to blossom.  

When it comes to those of us who actively use dashcams, we found that more than half (51.3%) of Brits have them installed, and a further 22% are considering making a purchase. So, this is almost certainly a trend that will soon be on just about every road.

Why Do We Choose Dashcams?  



The most popular reason for opting for a dashcam is personal safety, which is no wonder when you consider how attractive having a reliable record of an accident can be. According to the AA, cam footage can help to ensure that you are properly compensated if something happens and it isn’t your fault.

The top five reasons for getting a dashcam are:

·         Personal safety (58.7%)

·         Insurance purposes (53.8%)

·         Safety of vehicle while unattended (37.8%)

·         To capture unexpected events (12%)

·         Out of interest (12%)

Gender, Age and City Differences

It seems that men (60.1%) are much like likely to have a dashcam installed than women (44.3%) – and they have practical reasons for wanting dashcams, with males most commonly citing personal safety as their motivation. Women, on the other hand, were more likely to state that they installed their dashcams for insurance purposes.

When it comes to the ages of people using dashcams, there is a definite divide. People in the 25-34 range are most likely have dashcams installed, while those in the 55+ range are least likely to have them. This may, however, change in the future as dashcams become even more commonplace.   

The inhabitants of Sheffield (71.4%) are the most likely to use dashcams, closely followed by Glasgow (69.8%) and then London (62.7%). People in Cardiff also tend to embrace dashcams (59.3%), with their primary reason for using them being as a means of monitoring their vehicles when unattended.

At the other end of the scale, the city in which drivers are least likely to use dashcams is Birmingham – 55.9% said that they would never use one. It is followed in its dashcam scepticism by Liverpool (54.5%), Newcastle (42.1%) and Southampton (40.9%).

The Dashcam Revolution is Coming

Spending a few hundred pounds at the most on a dashcam is infinitely preferable to paying thousands for an accident that wasn’t your fault, and with this in mind, it’s easy to see why dashcams are so popular. It is also enlightening to find out the cities in which people are most likely to install them. With prices of dashcams dropping fast, it could be that they will soon be in most cars in your city too.

Dashcam Confessions


Interestingly, some of us (12%) like to install dashcams to capture those freak events which happen too quickly for us to reach for our phones and cameras. Do you have a dashcam, and have recorded something a bit weird or wonderful on it? Let us know!

We’re running a competition between Friday 11th May 2018 and Wednesday 30th May 2018 to find the UK’s best dashcam confessions.

To enter, simply tweet @petervardy with an image or footage from your dashcam and include the hashtag #PVDashcamConfessions. If you’re chosen as our winner, you’ll receive £100 of vouchers.

Get filming and send us your tweets today to enter. Good luck!




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