At Peter Vardy CARZ, we are buying used car stock now! Give us a call or head to one of our 7 dealerships across Scotland for a competitive and personalised quote.

We Want Your Car!

At Peter Vardy CARZ, we want your car!


We're looking to buy used car stock, and we are offering competitive and personalised quotes when you sell your car to us. Not only that, but you can get an extra £500 towards a nearly-new or used car with us!

So, are you looking to upgrade your car soon? Or perhaps you're looking for something more suited to your needs? Book an appointment at your local Peter Vardy CARZ dealership and get a competitive quote for your car and use your £500 voucher on a new car with us - it's a win win!

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We Love Savings!

We LOVE savings at Peter Vardy CARZ, and we are on a mission to give you as many savings as we can. So, what can you save?

Example of a 19 Plate Vauxhall Insignia 1.5T SRi...

Price Saving - £200

Cashback Value - £500

APR Saving - £300

Total Savings - £1,000!


Terms & Conditions:
Price saving is based on previously advertised price or saving against Autotrader recommended retail price. Cashback available as part of a 4 or 5 year finance package, value is subject to manager's discretion and paid over a monthly period. APR saving based on our APR of 9.9% against the industry average of 10.9% 
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