The Ultimate Guide To Family Cars

The Ultimate Guide To Family Cars

How do you pick a family car? What are the key factors you should consider? Let our family-run business steer you in the right direction with our helpful guide.

A family car is a term commonly used to describe a car that can fit more than two people in. These cars can come in different sizes but are often hatchbacks or sedans. They are usually more fuel efficient and spacious. In this guide, we’ll cover all the points you should consider when purchasing a family car.


What are the benefits of a family car?

If you're starting or growing your family, or looking to upgrade, a family car can make your life that little bit easier.  Here are few of the main benefits to look forward to.

Increased Space

Family cars have more spacious storage compartments and can provide extra leg room. This makes it easier to move around the vehicle. Ideal for families travelling with luggage.


Family cars tend to be reliable. The design of the wheels and the interior means you’re less likely to breakdown on the road.


Family cars are extremely versatile; built for all types of terrain and weather. Wind, snow and rain, rest assured your family car will be more than a match. Offering a comfortable and stress-free ride even in the harshest of conditions.

Tips for buying a family car

As with any car, there's no one size fits all. You should take into account the specific needs of your family. There are however, some common factors you should consider.

1. Safety

Safety is a top priority for any family. You can check a car's safety rating with Euro NCAP but also ask your dealer about all the safety features. Some aren't covered in standard safety tests but are still great to have.

2. Budget

Your budget will dictate the type of car you can afford. Family cars tend to be more expensive than smaller, inner city cars. You'll need to do some research to see how far your budget can stretch. A few simple calculations to determine how much you can afford, will help you to stick to a sensible budget. Even if you buy outright, you'll still need to pay road tax, insurance, and fuel costs every month. Consider also, how expensive replacement parts are. If you suffer any mishaps or breakdowns, will you be able to pay for repairs?

3. Size

What size you need the car to be, as mentioned earlier, depends on your current and future situations. For example, if you have a new-born child you might need storage for a pram and baby bag right now. In the future, you may need to fit one or both sides with a child car seat or space for bikes and toys in the boot.

One of the biggest family cars on the market is the spacious and customisable Renault Captur. Similar models like the Vauxhall Mokka and Toyota Rav4, boast a roomy interior and high-end features.

4. Seating

The international standard system for fitting a car seat to a vehicle is called ISOFIX. Every car produced since 2006 has this, but if you're buying a used car that's older than this, they may not have it. It's the safest way to install a child car seat in a vehicle.

5. Tech & Extras

Do you want heated seats for those early morning school runs, or added safety features? Perhaps your focus is more on the entertainment tech available? Whatever your preference, Peter Vardy has a car for you. If you struggle with the cold in the mornings and prefer prestige brands then the BMW X5 could be the one. You will be warm and comfortable in no time. The X5 often comes with heated seats, heated steering wheel and heated windscreen! Perfect for those cold mornings. If big name brands aren’t your style, then the Hyundai Tucson could be the car for you, boasting very similar attributes but at half the price.

If you are looking for a family car filled with the latest gadgets, then look no further than the Nissan Qashqai. This model competes with the most expensive brands but at a fraction of the price! An alternative family car is the Kia Sportage. Similar in stature and filled with beneficial features.

Latest family offers

Whichever family car you desire, Peter Vardy has you covered. From luxury Land Rovers to the refined Mokka X, we’ll have the perfect vehicle for you. Check out our latest new and used car offers across our vast range. From our family to yours.